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Found 14 results

  1. I was out riding with some friends, recording with the GoPro, etc as usual. Some holes are less visible than others and I wasn't paying much attention. Usually I will scan before turning away. This time I did not.. and I adjusted my feet and posture as well which I usually do rather stiff legged. And also.. I was riding squishy FW 1.05. I went down into a little hole... and out again.. the wheel slowed down going out... my body continued forward... I started to fall off the front, the wheel tried to speed up but I fell off the front anyway. Took a few steps, rolled my left ankle on the fourth step. Fell down on my right forearm and knee, then my right hip made contact and my body did a corkscrew so that I ended up on my right side towards my back. So.. some scrapes... but man.. the wheel fell badly. I would have rather taken more hits just spare the wheel man!!! Spare the wheel! Take me instead! Here is what the wheel sounds like now. There is a big difference in noise between FW 1.05 and FW 2.02. The pedal hanger is a bit bent but it is good enough. I will suit up tomorrow or the day after and ride it. After 8400km I can't really be bothered to throw money at this wheel.. even though I do love it. Here is a clip I made... the first 45 seconds contains the important parts. I didn't have any pictures of myself in shock that I could use as a thumbnail so I hope a shot of the internals will suffice.
  2. Today I was riding my V8 on my daily commute like I've been doing it for 2 months. I was around 15mph on asphalt flat terrain, when suddenly the inmotion v8 gave up and I went body against pavement. It didn't play any different warning sound it just suddenly didn't do anything. As I've had a couple events where the wheel slowly titled completely and now gave up totally, is there a data logger where I can retrieve the wheel facts of the issue ?? I really want to know if something failed, overheat, frozen, over-speed. I can't really trust it, this thing might be trying to kill me. Maybe it has a buggy firmware, this device must have a log memory that logs every event and then later be retrieved, just like a tesla car. Facts: As I dragged myself to grab it out of the road I noticed the blue lights were still on. Temperature this morning 30 degrees Fahrenheit. About -2 celsius. Battery was probably around 92%. I do full charge at home and I had only ridden about 1.5 miles. I've set its max speed to be 19mph so the wheel beeps at 16mph and start tilting back. Not sure if it's even possible to go to 19mph as it plays the warning sound and tilts back. Yes, lots of cuts, lacerations and pain. Lucky is winter and I was riding with a big jacket. Not sure if I had any major complication as I'm still waiting for the pain to go away. Please let me know how do you guys troubleshoot falls, if I can retrieve logs it will be very useful.\ [Update 2 years later] I'm still riding the same wheel. About 4 thousand miles yes 4000miles. Never felt again. The reason for the fall was overspeed on a super loud helicopter area. I didn't hear the alert, didn't feel the push back, the weather was also very cold. After the fall I learn that MAX Speed is not Cruising speed, unlocked Knees Always. Long story short. I'm very happy with the wheel and just learnt the hard way. This wheel is great. love it every day. [Update almost 3 years later] Still ride the same wheel and no falls. Very happy with the wheel.
  3. So it finally happened. One of my hobbies got the better of me. Two weeks ago, I was riding my King Song 18XL on my lunch break. I was on a park road that leads to the bike trail. The speed limit was 25mph and there was a car in front of me. He started slowing down (probably checking me out), until we were doing about 10mph. So I decided to pass. I leaned into it and as I pulled up alongside him the wheel beeped once and turned off. I was probably up to about 25mph. Usually, if I get too aggressive, the wheel beeps a few times and tilts me back. This time it just quit. Next thing I know I'm sliding across the pavement with the wheel tumbling past my head. Luckily I was wearing all my protective gear so my helmet, elbow pads and wrist guards took most of the impact. Minor Road Rash, Bruised hip, Separated Shoulder. I'm having surgery next week to repair the shoulder. The wheel has a broken trolley handle and a few scrapes, but fired right back up. Battery was at 80%. Album Link: https://imgur.com/a/WGwaOuj Wheel is a little beat up, but otherwise fine. The Pads took some battle damage. That shouldn't be there....=P
  4. I had a crash at 30km/h because the InMotion V8 switched itself off. This is clearly comprehensible and reproducible. I broke my upper arm several times and am now unfortunately disabled for the rest of my life. The arm is only half movable, as is the shoulder. But I am glad that I am still alive. The company InMotion is not interested in my crash and not in the defective device, which only ran about 80 kilometers, so it is almost new. The communication was aborted by InMotion, they don't even want the defective device back for examination. A warranty service was rejected. Who made similar experiences with this company and its products? Thanks in advance and always a good and secure ride FastFraenzje
  5. So... backstory in an attempt to justify my bad decisions I've been rollerblading for the majority of my life and about a month ago decided to buy a Segway miniPro to commute to the bus stop. After getting the hang of it, I decided it was just too slow to meet my needs and a bit too awkward to carry on the bus. Fortunately, I found a better use for it. It was the perfect speed to teach my Husky to jog next to me so she can get more of a workout than our usual walks. This had been going extremely well and the Segway's balance and control made it easy to control her 'personality'. After doing a ton of research, I decided to purchase my first EUC (V8) and learned how to ride in a few hours. After the second day, I felt comfortable enough to ride from the bus stop and back. After a couple of weeks of riding, I was starting to feel extremely confident on the wheel. Around the same time, I had been taking my pup to the park and Segway'd around a low foot traffic area to tire her out. Again, this had been going really well and I was very proud of my girl. Naturally, I realized 10-11mph was not enough to get my pup running and now I had all this extra power with the V8 and I was confident in my riding abilities. I had already taken her on a short ride with the V8 around my neighborhood at a slow speed and she acted the same as on the Segway. After a few laps around the park on the Segway, I decided to take her on the V8 to really get her running and to tire her out (only wearing my wrist guards). She was doing extremely well and we were almost done for the day when I decided to take her around the park for a final lap. At this point she was trailing behind because she had already gotten a good workout in. And then... a squirrel ran across the sidewalk in front of us and my pup kicked it into gear and sprinted toward the squirrel which gave me a huge yank to the left going around 15mph. I held onto the leash for dear life and unfortunately overcorrected and fell off the wheel on the right side and skidded several feet on the sidewalk. Luckily, because of my rollerblade experience, I bent down when the instability hit and fell forward. My wrist guards took the brunt of the fall and I managed to escape with a sore knee cap and a scrape on my forearm. Lessons learned: Wear full protective gear, especially when you're doing something new or have something like a dog that you can't have full control over. When taking your dog on your EUC, ensure that at minimum they have a good call back in case you need to let go of the leash to save a crash. When she took off after the squirrel, I should have dropped the leash then called her back. Running your dog on your EUC is a bad idea unless you're willing to put in a ton of time to train your pup and yourself. Otherwise, this is a danger to you and your pup. There were many times during training on the Segway she wanted to walk in front of me and stop, which could have resulted in getting hit if this was at higher speeds. If you're like me, you'd rather hurt yourself than your pup so you end up taking spills to avoid hurting your pup. At some point during my fall, I let go of the leash and my pup went after the squirrel. Attached is a photo of where she ended up after I dropped the leash.
  6. Hi, I already mentioned the below to @Jason McNeil but figured maybe someone on the forum has recommendations. My questions are: 1. Are there some specific MSX grip tapes or does any skateboard grip tape do (seems like the latter would suffice)? 2. Has anyone successfully hide/fix carbon fiber scratches (unfortunately it's not the side-panels which seems more easily replaced. There is a YouTube solution using sandpaper, a grill-pattern to mimic carbon fiber, and a bunch of different spray paint colors [black/silver/high gloss something]). 3. Is there anything I need to check with the internals after 10-12 miles crash? The wheel slammed into a curb and I rode approximately 6 miles post accident without hearing anything strange (I'm planning to reopen the wheel and tighten the obvious screws). 4. How do other MSuperX owners mount their lights? I have an upgraded Evolva and resort to using it with my hands since the clamps I tried would fall off. Thanks everyone. Below are post-accident screenshots and the back story for anyone interested. After almost 6 months of daily riding, I was involved with my first EUC accident late last night when a cab driver took the wrong turn at a fork and decided to rectify the solution by making a hard right to cut across 2 lanes of traffic + the adjacent bike lane (which I was riding on) and over the sidewalk / concrete divider to reach the correct fork (go lost NYC cab drivers). The location of the fork was unfortunately after the apex of a hill which limited visibility and I was going about 20mph when the cab started its super-illegal maneuver. I had to decide whether: 1. swerve left out of the bike lane onto the main road into unknown traffic behind me (this would have prevented the crash but if there were cars behind me, I probably would have gotten rear-ended with a trip to the hospital or worst). 2. stay on the bike lane and hope the driver climbs over the divider by the time I get there (seems quite risky since the current trajectory is directly into the cab). 3. swerve right and take that fork (this would have also prevented the crash but that fork was the service road entrance onto the highway and I would have been vulnerable to any traffic behind me that were speeding over the apex. Also the would place me in front of the cab driver after he climbed the divider). 4. slow down as much as possible and eject with the hope I can stop well ahead of the cab's path over the divider. (this was the safest choice in the 2 second window to make a decision) I slowed down as much as I could prior to the 6-inch tall curb (about 10-12 mph) and jumped into a hard plant with my right leg (slow down attempt #1) then I tucked my left shoulder forward and slammed my left hand (intentionally) into the concrete to force my self into a tumble (slow down attempt #2) onto my shoulders and back. As I was sliding against my backpack, I slammed my right hand (slow down attempt #3) and planted my feet to stop sliding. I was hoping not to slide into the path of the cab as it was driving over the divider. Fortunately, the crash made such a loud commotion that the cab stopped climbing over the divider and despite my efforts, I did not stop sliding far enough. In addition, somehow as I slid, I managed to look behind to track the MSuper X (did not want the wheel to crash into me). Luckily when the wheel jumped the curb, it landed on its side into what @Marty Backe calls "the Gotway dance" and spun in a circle until I retrieved it. I did not know what do in this situation. Call the police? Is my EUC going to get me into more trouble? Do I assault the cab driver out of anger because he knew he was wrong and was very apologetic that he "didn't see me" despite all the lights I had on (could be because of the apex of the hill). I decided after catching my breathe for a minute to do nothing except decline the driver's offer to go to the hospital and rode the remaining 6 miles home. As upset I am about the damage to the new wheel and gear, I'm extremely fortunate to walk away from the solution on my own. My only wishes were that if it had to happen, that I was riding my already scratched-up Tesla (the first wheel I learned on) and the accident was captured (trip was 17 mile / 1.5 hour and I must have turned the camera off at a prior intersection). The photos below shows the extent of the damage. (my TSG Pass helmet did not hit the floor, super lucky here). Note, the front trolley handle was already slightly cracked before the accident as I over-tightened the screws following @EUC GUY waterproof tutorial ( @Jason McNeil already sent a replacement part last week). From now on, I'm using the high-intensity upgraded Evolva at night, I rather blind someone ahead of me than risk hearing how they "did not see me"
  7. Yesterday I was looking for a helmet but not decided yet about witch one buy. On that night I go for a easy ride what comes into a huge scare. And hugest was my surprise for saving the logs trap with one single scratch in the arm from one log, no faceplant and anymore scratches. Happy for my luck (or reflexes) for saving my head, I go to buy a nice helmet right now. Here is the video I was recording then https://quik.gopro.com/v/h20mg6yRVZ/
  8. So i just got my new MSuper v3s+. I wanted to test how fast i could go before the final alarm kicked inn. I was accelerating slowly waiting for the last alarm to kick in when suddenly the wheel cut out and i went tumbling. I made sure that i turned off the two first alarms, and tiltback off. After thinking about it i decided to try again with tiltback set to 42kmh 26mph. And my phone in my hand to check the speed. Maybe i did about 500m before it cut out again, this time going 39kmh, or maybe i hit the tiltback at 42kmh. My memorie is a bit hazy. I used the iphone app as it is the only app capable of changing the setting permanently right now. Anybody else experienced this? I am wondering if the problem is the wheel or the app. I did test that the alarm and it works when i pickup the wheel. the second alarm also worked when driving. I am sending it inn to the reseller so they can have a look at it.
  9. Last day I submitted the Ninebot One E+ to some breaking tests for a project. The idea was to test it against a bicycle to and compare the negative accelerations so we have data for a negotiation with the authorities proving that EUC’s may break as fast as a bicycle. By the way, they are. I connected 9BMetrics and started to make hard breaks. Everything was going fine when in a breaking the Ninebot suddenly cuted current and I was ass in the pavement. Fortunately I already have that outcome into account and was protected enough so not a big problem. Afterwards the Ninebot didn’t start till I disconnected and re connected the battery. Perhaps someone may explain this. So now it begins the forensic analysis of the 9Bmetrics Recordings. I have loaded all the recording in 9BMetrics .9bz format to Dropbox. It is just a .zip that has .csv for each magnitude. It is available at : https://www.dropbox.com/s/bslxvdivd07se6s/20161130_202301.9bz?dl=0 Well, first considetation is that all was fast, fast, fast. Here we have a graphic of the last moments. Angle scale is in the right axis. Other magnitudes correspond to left axis, Speed in km/h Current in A and Pitch and Roll in º. From starting to break to end of the event was less than a second. When sufficiently enlarged the development of the crash shows things were not as simple as a cut. My interpretation of the sequence of events is as follows: Time Event 221.5 Start of Breaking. Pitch begins to increase because I push hard on the rear of the paddles. Speed continues to increase and current begins to go down to negative values as the controller tries to maintain the paddles horizontal. 221.8 Pitch increases less (but continues increasing). Controller begins to reduce and stop current decrease. 221.9 Controller has reversed current flow and compounds with my torque and pitch jumps up. 221.8 I reduce push out of equilibrium and fall. Without my weight pitch recovers a little but the controller continues to jump current up so eventually continues to drive pitch up. 222.13 Finally, the controller begins to reduce current. There are some changes that are reflected in speed 222.21 Wheel begins to oscillate in roll direction 222.43 Current is cut for some reason but current was already going to 0. Anyway, stability is already compromised and fall of the wheel is inevitable. That’s just an event but my first interpretation is that the sudden increase in pitch (or the sudden change from pushing in front to rear) has been too much for the controller that has been driven out of its stability zone and has begun to oscillate as feedback system do when they have a too much gain. Power may have been cut by either the mainboard or the BMS (sorry, didn’t have a voltmeter then to measure voltages) due to the sudden increase to more than 50A. That is about 3000W !!! What do you think? Do you have other registers that may help to understand those types of failure? Once again I was testing heavy breaking so it is not easy to find ourselves in this situation if we don’t look for it. I did previous breakings with negative accelerations of 0.7g while usual ones when driving are from 0.1g to 0.3g and had no problems.
  10. Tomek

    MCM4 hard rockin'

    so i was just riding my mcm4 to work, getting all over confident with the speed and taking over all the cyclists (20-25kph). while going uphill (5%) the wheel started beeping (i have first and second beep disabled, so it was the three beeps alarm) so i slowed down a small bit.. accelerated a bit again, and all of a sudden it started rocking VERY hard back and forth, basically throwing me off the wheel (there's no way anyone could stay on it like that). luckily i managed to run off, and there was no one in direct proximity (wheel took some serious scratches though). Has anyone experienced this before? it scared the hell out of me (and could have had seriously bad consequences)
  11. Hi, so after my fall today I found and joined this forum to see gather your opinions as to why my ninebot was dysfunctional I was riding on my ninebot for about 30 min or so hitting max speed several times. But the last instance after I hit max speed, it beeped but then quickly gave out and I had a pretty nasty fall. Usually when a person hits max speed on the ninebot, the machine pushes back on the balls of their feet and makes them slow down.This time it did not do that. I am not new to the ninebot and have been riding for about 6 months without a crash. I thought I dislocated my shoulder but thankfully everything was ok except for cuts all over. I just do not know why this happened. Now I am hesitant to ride it again and to hit max speed. Any reason why this could have happened? any remedy or fix for this problem? Thanks for you time and help, I look fwd to your replies! H.
  12. Hi, so after my fall today I found and joined this forum to see gather your opinions as to why my ninebot was dysfunctional I was riding on my ninebot for about 30 min or so hitting max speed several times. But the last instance after I hit max speed, it beeped but then quickly gave out and I had a pretty nasty fall. Usually when a person hits max speed on the ninebot, the machine pushes back on the balls of their feet and makes them slow down.This time it did not do that. I am not new to the ninebot and have been riding for about 6 months without a crash. I thought I dislocated my shoulder but thankfully everything was ok except for cuts all over. I just do not know why this happened. Now I am hesitant to ride it again and to hit max speed. Any reason why this could have happened? any remedy or fix for this problem? Thanks for you time and help, I look fwd to your replies! H.
  13. Wondering if any 9 Botters experienced the crash while they had the trolley handle on the wheel. I plan to buy one but because of the protruding design I'm hesitant to buy... Do you think it is likely to survive in the crash?
  14. Hi! Does anyone knows where I can find a replacement battery for my unicycle? I have had problems with my unicycle where it has just died during a ride leading to a crash This has happened a couple of times especially when the weather is cold. Has anyone experienced this problem? I believe that it could be the battery that is the problem and now I'm looking for a replacement.
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