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Did somebody get their King Song S18 stolen in Los Angeles area?

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No charger is a clear sign of theft in most cases (IMHO). A quick call to the friend should resolve the issue, but that most likely is not an option. I speak for myself, I would pass on it if it could be a theft as it could be putting an innocent person in a hard position. I have been in several hard positions because of un-fair situations... I am sure that I am not alone.

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Getting a copy of the sales paperwork would help put my concern about theft to rest and would let you know if the like new wheel has any remaining transferrable warranty. Now, if the giftee doesn't even know where the gifter bought the wheel, that's a pretty clear sign.

If stolen goods don't have people willing to buy them, they won't get stolen as often. Nobody steals stuff from the mountains of treasure that surround a hasn't-been-started-in-a-year-but-still-occupied tarp covered RV, do they?

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On 6/16/2022 at 9:07 PM, Ducati Classic said:

I'm currently searching for my first EUC. Saw someone was selling KS S18 and decided to check it out. 

He was selling it for $1300 for what he claims to be "practically new" S18. When I saw the unit, I couldn't help but think that the unit must have been stolen and here's why

1. He didn't own the charger for it. He said his ex bought it as a gift and he left the charger at his ex bf's house. 

2. When I asked to see the total mileage, he said he doesn't know. I asked if he can show me the app and he said he never used the app (not sure if that's possible?) 

3. He didn't know how to put the trolley back 

4. He didn't post it in this forum. 


Maybe I'm overthinking it :/ 


Edit: the unit didn’t even power up. 


CAN U PLZ EMAIL ME  :( THTS MY S18 I havea. police report to and have him on CAM jdiaz1orge@gmail.com

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1 minute ago, Tawpie said:

@Jorge Ibarra if you @Ducati Classic the forum software will send them a notification. And I think you should be able to send a direct message (click on their avatar, look for 'Message')

I wish you all the luck getting your wheel back!

Thank u so much im new to this so have no clue to what im doing ..

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Serial number might be on a sticker under the pedal(s).

Also displayed on app.

Have police move quickly before it is sold.

The video footage, if it clearly identifies and matches the person with the seller, is evidence, regardless of if the wheel is found.


Perhaps take a screenshot of the advertisement as a record of evidence.

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On 6/27/2022 at 4:06 PM, Jorge Ibarra said:

YES plz tell me u know where his at ? its a white guy ..that king song s18 is mine ... can u plz email me jdiaz1orge@gmail.com

What color is your s18? Any distinguishing marks?

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