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Q: "Fluid" forum view. Any way to save settings?

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Hey everyone

I'm testing the "fluid" view mode but it seems that every couple of hours my selected forums disappear and I have to set them up again. Is that how it's supposed to work? Shouldn't they be saved to my account? I'm always signed in.

Thanks for reading/commenting.



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I tried the fluid view, I like it for seeing what's new across the whole forum. However, all the pinned messages from every subforum are always at the top, even if they aren't the topics that have been posted in most recently. I need to go to the bottom of the second page before I start seeing the latest non-pinned threads.

Is there a way to hide the pins, or better yet, have them sorted the same way as other threads (so they'd only show up at the top if they had a recent reply)?

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