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MSX84 motor problem (suspected worn out "axle key")

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Hey fellas

I got a weird short squeak when I alternate from acceleration to desceleration and vice versa. I'm pretty sure can feel both my pedal move a little every time. 

I don't think it's the axle nuts or the shims.

What's weird is that I didn't use to have this problem and I don't abuse the wheel. I never jump with it and I'm a small guy at under 70kg. 

Does anyone know of such a squeak? I saw Marty demonstrate a huge "flop", as he calls it, on his monster. He was able to move the entire shell of the wheel with just thumb and index fingers, flop flop back and forth. For him it's loose and silent.

For me it's a much smaller "flop" and with resistance (body weight) on the pedals. And it sqeaks loudly so everyone can hear it.

Just curious if anyone has had this. Also what's the remedy? Should the "axle key" be replaced or welded in place or what?

How hard is it to extract the axle? Drop the motor, take a side cover off, axle free?

What surprised me is how fast it developed. From no flop to an obvious flop in about 2000km, without abuse. Just road riding.

Thanks for helping. I really appreciate it.

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you guess right, could be the axle but the only way you can is take out the motor and check.

pretty easy to see any movement with pillars and motor in your hand ;)

[ in case you need a new motor ]


edit: check also the bolts that hold shell and pillars and plastic near by, if it's broken it become noisy and the shell moves side to side

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Have you checked the bolts holding the plastic shell onto the pedal hangers? Even if they seem tight, if they are just a bit loose then the shell would shift/slide back and forth slightly when changing from acceleration to deceleration, making a plastic-y squeak as it did so...

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Good news. It wasn't the axle key but one of the pedal hanger nuts. Put loctite and tightened down with a vengeance. Now it should hold.

The squeak were the shell bolts trying to hold the hanger as it was flopping back and forth a few degrees.

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What previously convinced me that it wasn't that was the feeling of both pedal hangers moving. When riding one legged on both pedals I managed to get it to squeak even though just one hanger nut had loosened. Weird.

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