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Ninebot Z10 Hard-to-Find Parts: Success Story!


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Good luck on that, unless someone has a spare charger lying around. Maybe @The Fat Unicyclist has one or can be of assistance. He is based in NZ.

Are you sure you need a charger? If the battery isn't charging, it may be that it is dead from vampire drain. There are videos and posts how to revive the battery on this site.

I purchased a Ninebot Z charger as well as several other items earlier this year at a good price.

I have also had success with Speedway Electric Skateboard Store on Aliexpress who is also selling the charger at the same price as Feier Electric.

From my experience, many/most of the sellers on eBay are doing arbitrage will sell you a charger they would ship to you from Aliexpress in the first place.

See also the excellent thread below by @Lukasz regarding the use of the Ninebot Mini Pro charger which is reportedly the same.


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On 8/10/2022 at 4:14 AM, gigiValliConservigi said:

Hello there,

I can't see the post, I'm searching a BMS spare for my Ninebot Z6, but I can't literally find anything! Can you help me?

Sorry, I didn't see your post since you didn't quote or tag me.

I believe the Ninebot Z BMS is proprietary and can't be sourced separately unless it has been cannibalized from a working battery, so I doubt you would find one by itself. Probably your only option is to buy a Z6 or Z10 battery new from Aliexpress or used from a wrecked wheel.

However, given the cost of a new one I would suggest you just buy another wheel and sell/keep yours for parts.

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