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  1. I hope KingSong finds somebody with good enough English to continue being "interface" between Chinese team and rest of the world - boss of KingSong shall have some obvious thoughts by now that such person and direct feedback from key customers helps in growing business and development / new constructions.
  2. Yellow + black for sure.... Yellow is key safety color - see video about backpacks... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W18Kc9n8YQE
  3. sure.... screens ... hmmm, . ;-) we all go nuts here waiting... for now... any color - red is as You all know the fastest...
  4. You are not alone. I do not like it as well - it does not match with red, however for now I buy any colour scheme - and just modify it with pen/tape/paint/foil. This is not the colour we ride on....
  5. I hope that KS start production early, as with current delays and shortages in components availability production LT may be very long - in my professional field (IT related) LT is currently 9-11 months.
  6. Looking forward to see how the new suspension sliders look like... I will reach 5000km on S18XL next week - and those black pipes are not black any more at all... especially left rear is kind of "shaved"
  7. We get off-topic here again.... but Lezyne bike pump cost about the same, is 14 cm long, weights 79 grams and never runs out of pressure.... I use earlier model for 5 years already and it will work for 20+ years more ... I also recommend SLIME - I use it on every wheel. https://allegro.pl/oferta/pompka-lezyne-pocket-drive-abs-flex-160psi-11-bar-11027629860?offerId=11027629860&inventoryUnitId=oKbigffEddAcHiAj18h9TQ&adGroupId=MGMzNjFlZWUtNDdjZi00Y2U4LTk5NzctY2M2Y2E4NWMzNWZlAA&campaignId=Njk4YzM5NzQtZjNlYy00NDliLWE4Y2MtMjE5NDRiMGI3N2VjAA&sig=8964cfd5c348d480834ce
  8. On this new motor KS went exactly this way - used larger bearings than in regular old axle wheels, but much smaller than Gotway, probably even smaller than Inmotion. This seems to be very good move - to keep whole solution stiff, relatively light, and the bearings small, (and inexpensive) also not that heavy like in GW
  9. AFAIK Kingsong designed some kind of gasket or o-ring to ensure water tightness of the motor bearings. This is important step as even non-hollow wheel bearings have tendency to rust after some time due to water ingress into the bearings. New rim looks really good! I hope it will be made from stronger aluminum, as original S18 rim is rather soft - while I generally ride with caution and without getting into hard off-road - I see some dents on the rim
  10. Sorry for off- topic but @enaon what type of the watch it is on the video and how it compares to Pebble in practical use terms? (battery life, screen visibility in the sunlight, lack of touchscreen, water tightness, purchase price etc) For now I have made my personal collection of Pebble time (like 5 pcs or more) so I am safe for a few years but it does not hurt to see other options.
  11. I did not knot that it is any way of "hack" in here.... ;-) I unscrew all 6 screws even without making extra hole in the plastic any time I need to remove the motor.. - just for the least accessible screw You have to unscrew it with slightly angled screwdriver. Those screws are screwed into plastic, so there is not much force needed to unscrew it...
  12. Checking his channel every few hours but no new vid ..
  13. @Jack King Song so .... any real life pics?
  14. Thanks for positive comments! This KS16S wheel is still in daily use - my daughter ride to school on it every day (wheel has more than 7000km total distance now and is in good shape) Wheel development over last years allowed us to have more fun now - My S18XL with custom 1440Wh battery has almost 5000km now and thanks to the mods it is great wheel. I look forward to get S20 - some of the current S18 mods will be already included - but I am sure that there will be some things which may need new mods / improvements / development ;-) I will get to tinkering work asap...
  15. Yep! those are high speed fun rides. Guys in Moscow do such things on the busy full of cars ice-covered streets which is extremely dangerous ...
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