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  1. see below - contact me at any time at a64@interia.pl
  2. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    As far as I know 24s6p build form 21700 cells is for now the only configuration planned. We will see how people will accept the expected HUGE weight - according to last specification 38kg which makes this wheel very heavy and really not for those who need to carry this wheel up the stairs. Market will show if such weight is still acceptable for clients.
  3. That is what I expect - for sure they have used something existing already on the market- I wonder if this is maybe some kind of insert from the bike fork... Thank You for help. If anybody has an idea where those V11 shocks come from / what type they are I am very interested to find out. Travel is 90 mm, and total length is around 400 mm as far as I see from the pictures.
  4. Thank You for the links, I will explore in details, for now what I see is that those gas springs from the links are filled with specific pressure and does not allow to change pressure in them, anyway I will try to explore their offers and ask around if they have versions with valve...
  5. Hello, I am in progress of the suspension project for one of the wheels - anybody knows the type / source / prices of the air shocks used in V11 ? I am looking for this or similar type as shown here in the V11 dismantle https://ecodrift.ru/2020/07/23/inmotion-v11-razbiraem-ch-1/
  6. Hello, I am in progress of the suspension project for one of the wheels - anybody knows the type / source / prices of the air shocks used in V11 I am looking for this or similar type as shown here https://ecodrift.ru/2020/07/23/inmotion-v11-razbiraem-ch-1/
  7. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    This is "classic" example of pedals to low! what I like in S18 suspension (over 100km which I have made so far on S18) pedals are noticeably higher than on MSX, so such accident would not happen. KEY goals of the suspension: 1- save you from falling on unnoticed hole/crater/uneven asphalt, bump, sleeping policeman, curb, etc 2- make pedals higher (and allow to control the height of pedals by pumping up suspension) to let you choose if You want the center of gravity higher with less chances for pedal catching ground or lower and provide slightly better stability but with dangers of pedal clipping ground. See recent Kuji Rolls YT video of theoretically tire change, but in fact the whole video shows pedal scraping on Veteran, and Kuji high speed fall on the uneven road due to lack of suspension. Veteran is useless for carving and is useless in the off-road due to low pedals. That is why we need high suspension - with a lot of travel - I think 50 mm is kind of too low. Pedals shall be higher than on MSX. I had myself pedal catch while getting on the curb in the right turn - in well known area - just the asphalt was cut lower due to re-paving, so just 3 cm lower in front of the curb caused pedal to hit the curb and I had to jump off.
  8. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    I hope that performance increase and fun factor will compensate weight increase. It seems to be really heavy class wheel - I have hoped for something not much over 30 kg, as beyond that weight I think that we enter different class of the product - but truly powerful wheel will not be light. I have used Kingsong S18 for a week / over 100km last week - and I am sure that the suspension is the way to go, but I also know that 20s3p setup of S18 is not enough for the safe ride, and also acceleration and breaking with such small battery is an issue, and will be bigger issue in winter - those cells when cold can not provide safely more than 2.5 - maybe 5 Amps, and for 2200W motor it is WAY not enough power.
  9. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    According to GW - weight will be around 37kg, - tire size will be 2,75-14 - I am searching for conversion chart to find out how many inches outside it really has... (If somebody could provide external tire size in mm or inches for 2,75x14 tire..... )
  10. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    GW claims that the wheel is larger than in MSX - I have asked for the exact type of the tire - maybe we will have finally some real data. 3500W motor with 2170 24s6p on only slightly larger dia. wheel than MSX should give us plenty of acceleration ;-)
  11. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    I have ridden S18 - there is no substantial difference in stability. I like pedals higher - as even with MSX pedals you have to be quite careful when getting on the small curb while you are getting on it while turning - it is soo easy to hit the curb with inside pedal.
  12. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    -GW suspension will be similar to V11 but whole wheel is suspended like in S18. -trolley handle will be present -chassis is larger than MSX -it will use 21700 cells -motor seems to be larger diameter *and power... -more news to come....
  13. Custom pads here
  14. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    Side pads to throw away and to add custom ones with proper angles and padding, the same with pedals just replace into nylon - no problem to do. Worse issue is that trolley handle is not visible...
  15. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    Unfortunately not - I am waiting for those details anxiously... https://m.facebook.com/groups/819824711409186?view=permalink&id=3230316347026665&sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=i
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