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  1. It will be difficult to find the what was the real cause, but it seems to be more "cooking" scenario in my opinion.
  2. I can translate - this issue happened on last Sunday mid day on the A2 highway close to Warsaw, Poland - this is the coincidence of unfortunate and fortunate events. Wheel had been loaded to the trunk after power-demanding high speed tests, and issue may have developed due to the main board failure or through the temperature of the pack getting to high due to high current which may have influenced weaker cells (as packs were not from this wheel originally. Raz noticed the smell but initially he did not realize that this may be from the battery, but he slowed down and stopped on the emer
  3. Those battery packs were with unknown history - and they may have been highly unbalanced. Adding to that high speed tests and low temperature - it was the recipe for disaster. Please do not generalize this situation into all wheels. The root cause does not seem to be on the GW (Begode) side
  4. Updates to the S18XL wheel - see new topic
  5. I got fed up with getting shock absorber, whole back of my S18 wheel, my backpack and my jacket constantly DIRTY. Stock S18 has two mud guards, but they do not work well - I got really tired with cleaning every thing after each wet ride. So - I have added 2 new mods to my mods portfolio... see below shock saver - additional element designed specially to save the shock absorber from getting all in mud, and longer rubber mud guard. For the full list of mods, please contact me at a64(at)interia.pl I have made over 1500 km on my S18XL right now - no major problems ! shor
  6. The side with little wedge on battery has a bit of empty space inside... It is difficult to see how deep the dent is from the picture - so as this may be mechanical damage or not. It make sense to unscrew 4 screws on the top of the battery and slide whole battery unit out - then check if the dent "reached" the cells inside - they are protected a bit by the layer of laminate inside the aluminum case, then measure each cell around the damage. This is easy as contact points are visible, and this is 20s1p set. Electronics is on the other side, so it should not be affected that easy. Check with yo
  7. Original peals in those models are quite ok so for now no nylon version existing.
  8. Hello @redfoxdude - please check Your gmail email, I have responded - sorry for being late but in fact I had been busy with many projects and over flooded with emails. Final version of S18 hollow nylon pedals with stainless steel pegs and magnets is ready! orders accepted at a64 (at) interia.pl Regards, Luk
  9. This forum is not directly related to sales activities, so please be so kind and send me an email to a64(at)interia.pl
  10. I am not sure if You had send the email here in the group - I had my mailbox full on the group. Please send me an email to a64(at)interia.pl
  11. If you want to hear reports- sure they can be written, but first check Yourselves if You like be blinded by front lamp of S18 riding towards you - this test can easily be done locally and it is obvious that light shines to much up.
  12. I have pleasure to announce that Nylon fiber reinforced pedals with pegs and openers for S18 NyloNove are finally ready. ;-) Those pedals should be standard on S18 - especially for those who want to use it off-road! Pedals are around 100 grams lighter than original (364 grams each instead of 458 grams if counted with openers and axis) Angle is around 1° higher than standard - 79° instead of 80° Asymmetric shape, slightly wider on the front and thinner on the back. 19 pcs of stainless steel pegs with regulation 2-4 mm, stainless steel axis, stainless steel pedal axis scr
  13. Final touch - nylon fiber reinforced pedals with openers for S18 are finally ready. I can call it now a finished project ;-) Those pedals should be standard on S18 - especially for those who want to use it offroad! If somebody is interested please email me at a64(at)interia.pl
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