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  1. Lukasz

    Monster mudguard?

    Development models, final model is longer.
  2. Lukasz

    Monster mudguard?

    It looks like MSX mudguard fits - as Ian review shows, The problem with MSX mudguard is way to small to be effective for 18" MSX if You ride above 20 km/h so it will be even worse on Monster. I have designed bigger one - see below. I do not have the access to the monster, If I meet with my friend who has, we can test it, but it will be a while due to COVID-19 In fact I have several "development" pieces. If somebody is interested I am willing to sell at similar price to MSX mudugard. It is printed from soft material so it will not break.
  3. We may see soon new wheel on the market called "Veteran" apparently based on the Gotway - there are some news that people previously working for Gotway wants to enter the market with interesting wheel which seems to be based on MSX construction in "Mad Max" style. 20" (bigger rim and tire than in MSX 3200wh battery 100V stronger motor than in MSX but no data known so far stronger chassis with kind of external pipe protector longer pedals powerful front and back lights some kind of display on the top of the wheel central mounted handle I found no carrying handle (to carry the wheel up the stairs for example) visible - maybe the trolley handle will have ability to unlock only slightly.
  4. Things to do with new MSX here -
  5. Hello Marty - on the "headlight vid" - do You have Z10 with old lamp as installed in the first Z10 units, or the "second generation" which was properly shining on the road instead of tree tops? For MSP double headlight - is it shining "on the road" or "all around"?
  6. It looks like I have finally designed and printed mud guard which seems to work.... ;-) awaiting final tests in heavy rain...
  7. Lukasz


    MSX 100V review after almost 2000km
  8. For bit long list of mods - see
  9. Maybe instead of making the buzzer louder (which in the city at 40km/h+ speeds with full face helmet will not help much due to the wind noise) is to use Wheellog + Pebble and set the vibration alarm for 45 km/h and 120A current? I use such setup on daily basis and it works great.
  10. Already well tested fast and super light charger 2,9 switchable to 6.1A, less than 500 grams (with the connector already as I have provided the connectors to the power supply producer) is available from WECTOR (please use google translator and send him the message with copy in Ukrainian language) see this thread
  11. According to one of the Ali dealers - in MSX switch shall work, they did not implement it yet due to the fact that it is costly to modify the mold. It shall be implemented in the future.
  12. If the switch is deactivated if You press this button while wheel is rotating (with ground speed 3km and above) - this seems to be working fine, Question is - why having this feature ready Gotway in fact did not use it yet on the wheels?
  13. Hello All, I was busy last days, but I have finalized finally charger connector design for Z10 . It include correct size professional grade pins approved up to 8A, and it has been redesigned to allow the cable output from the top (so that cable does not bend when connected), also to make the connector shorter and protect important part from bending/breaking easily Please pm on the email address visible on the pics.
  14. Hello All, Sorry for the late answer – I was on holidays away for two weeks without the access to the net (on the sea) And now have many emails to answer, etc. Please be so kind and pm me at a64 at interia.pl
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