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KS S20 S22 Bearing Noise? What's that Sound?

Elliott Reitz

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So I can't get this sound pushing it around.  It first showed up riding slow, especially during breaking.  But tonight on my way home from a 12 mile round trip work commute its happening more consistantly at higher speeds.  Anyone know what it is?  How to resolve it? 


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Recycling dialog from my YT vid:   
Well I just lifted it up on a bench and the good news is it spins smooth and nothing collides. Even better is the noise is very close to the noise from the fender when I flick the fender with a fingernail. So that's likely the source of the noise but what's hitting the fender so much? There appears to be ample clearance of the fender, valve, motor bolts (checked 1 side so far, its tight), etc.
+1:  Seems this is a perfect reason to replace that problem-fender with a wire-guide mounted to the same positions with the cable but also in the main sliders where those useless rubber friction adders exist.  IDK what they were thinking to put them on the sliding side rather than on the stationary side.  Seems the mods keep going and going.  LOL, I've even ordered real hockey pucks for the sliders on the back.  :D
+2:  So next time I take it out and hear that noise as much as I did tonight the 1st thing I will try is reaching down to the fender to see if I can dampen the sound directly and thus isolate its source to the fender or not-the-fender. 
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After changing the spring again this evening the clunk sound seems to be gone!  When the spring was off and I was exercising the suspension for the video (this one), the clunk sound arrived at a certain point of travel and was something giving the fender a snap even without wheel-spin.  Meaning not bearings!  Just that POS fender that's too close to the tire for any respectable dirt machine (consider fenders on dirt bikes).  



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