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Current (mid 2021) mten3 disassembly by EcoDrift


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As usual, the guys from EcoDrift have excellent disassembly articles of all the wheels. This time the mten3.


(Russian Original: https://ecodrift.ru/2021/07/03/begode-mten3-samoe-kompaktnoe-monokoleso/)

The short version is: everything looks good!

There are some small and natural improvements, like a lift button or using their latest "black" board (and some huuuge pedals). But there are no bad surprises or appalling build quality discoveries like in some other cases.

A pretty cool and unique wheel. I guess I should buy one.


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58 minutes ago, alcatraz said:

I'd get one if it had a built in trolley handle.

A power button near the top of the wheel would be good too, seeing as the wheel is small.

You can buy an aftermarket for cheap. I have one on my shelf. I don't commute so much as terrorize my mten, so the trolley wouldnt have lasted but a few moments. Power button isnt bad at least. Really simple to choose light modes. I dont use an app with mine. I set and forget them bad boyz. Just rode today, much fun! Definitely works those feet and legs. After 45mins I was hobbling. I can ride 4+hrs on the 18XL w/o issue. Mten will make a man out of the boy in you...

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