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Shipping Lithiom Ion batteries across Canada Help!


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I need to send my MSX across Canada, but I am having a heck of a time finding all the stickers etc that are needed to send my batteries.

2 seven pound 800wh battery packs from each side.

They are classified as UN3480 outside of the device, and UN 3481 contained in the device.

All I want to do is ship them via ground (of course), i don't care how long it takes, but i can't even get the stickers required. I've talked to Canada Post, UPS, and Fedex, no one sells the dang stickers. They say buy one from Iata.org, which will sell me a roll of 500 of them for over $100CND, ridiculous.

I'm surprised how difficult this has become. All i want is to take it to someone, declare it batteries, pay whatever for all the regulations, stickers, etc and be done with it. Isn't that what a courier is for??

How do I do this? any help appreciated, i've hit brick wall after brick wall. Thank you!

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Can't the post office/shipping company office provide the appropriate label when you drop off the package?

If not, just print one out yourself. The point is to have a warning for the shipper on the package (so they would only put the package on cargo planes etc.), nothing more.

Don't pay for anything (like a $15 sticker:eff04a58a6:). Just print out the right symbol in the right size (not too small) and put it on the package.

Maybe the shipping company has a lithium ion battery guide that tells you exactly what they want.

Here's what I found when I tried to figure it out (but I never shipped a wheel so ymmv):

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Googling "fedex canada lithium battery guide", this is the first result:


It says:


Lithium-powered vehicles (such as Airwheel®, Solowheel®,
Hoverboard®, Segway® mini, and balance wheels) cannot
be classified as UN 3481. IATA offers a Small Vehicles
Powered by Lithium Batteries – Cargo Provisions document
that concludes the correct classification for these small
vehicles is UN 3171, Battery Powered Vehicles. There is no
exception for vehicles that contain lithium ion batteries that
do not exceed 100 Wh.

So it seems UN 3171 is the right number. Googling "UN 3171 label", there are the usual suspects, but this looks like it's the best:


I would print it out twice and put it on the top and side of the package. But don't ask me. Your shipping company really should answer this. "What label do I need to ship a lithium ion battery powered vehicle?"

Probably it doesn't matter which label you use. People have shipped without a label, and I've never seen this particular one before (e.g. from sellers). As long as a reasonable label is on the package and they take your package...

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