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So, I recently bought a bottle of slime, but before I use it I wanted to ask if there are any downsides. I was wondering in particular, that as the slime stays liquid in the tire, does it cause any noticeable in balance in the wheel that you notice when riding?  

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I added a product from a different company but I haven’t heard anyone blame imbalance on sealant. The stuff I use (RideOn) claims it actually helps balance the wheel but my pea brain can’t wrap my head around how a liquid could possibly do that. But then again, my washer manages to self balance the spin cycle now so magic may be at work.

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If your like me you love riding your electric scooter, one wheel or electric unicycle, however there comes that dreaded time thats enviable to every rider to experience a flat or puncture.
Ive never been happy with Slime but used it because i never had a good alternative until now.  Today after months of using a better alternative called armor dilloz I want to share with you a superior product.
I must state the price is much higher than Slime but i guess its all relative in accordance with quality. 
Check out the product in action on youtube 
If your in the UK you can find it here
If your in America you can find it here 
I hope you this post help provide confidence to ride hard and prevent the long walk of shame home I have done many times lol
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