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I owned a minipro since 2018. I bot it for business as a platform to operate trimmers, edgers, and blowers from it. It helped save a lot of time on the job.

Anyway, a couple days ago, I got caught riding it in a drenching downpour. Scotter went on the charger a few hours later. Forgot to unplug the charger at night...

The next morning I find it's mostly a pile of ashes and the scorched remains of the motors.




I always charged this outside, away from combustibles,  that saved my house and and shop from burning down.


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It's always demoralizing to hear of battery charger related fires. The photos are astonishing. I'm happy that you had no collateral fire damage as a result, of course.

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@Phoron Fortunately, nothing happened to you .

I suggest you send your photos and serial number of battery and Mini Pro directly to Ninebot China

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