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  1. Can you toss a couple photos of the assembly? I'd be surprised if there is any documentation for these devices, but I've been surprised before, not related to the scooters. My S8 might as well be a paperweight for the lack of deep board support from the manufacturer. Well, one of them is. I'm glad to have a couple that still move me.
  2. Does the mechanism have a visible tilt to it? If it does, there's a spring imbalance. If it does not, there's an electronic circuit imbalance. I've not disassembled that model, but it could have either a potentiometer also known as a variable resistor, or a hall effect sensor. The latter is more reliable and more precise, so I'd expect to find that type of sensor inside. Ideally, there will be a means of centering the sensor readings. Without seeing the internals at the pivot bolt, it's tough to get more accurate in my answer.
  3. I think user trevmar is on the right track. The system can power up with a much lower current than required for even the slightest operation. If there is insufficient current, it will drop out, ostensibly to protect the battery. I had a similar problem with my S8 and had to remove the battery. Once removed, I used an R/C charger to individually charge small blocks of cells with balancing. Since that time, all has been working well. I don't think the onboard balancing board is particular effective, allowing the pack to go out of balance over time.
  4. Isn't it funny that something so easy to ride as the S8 elicits such praise? My usual response is, "It's all done by computer," which often gets a nervous laugh. Occasionally I'll offer up a ride to someone who tries the scooter, but it's rare that people are "brave" enough!
  5. The "dealer" I know lives in a retirement community known as The Villages but I use mine primarily for shopping. My wife dislikes intensely to grocery shop (but will buy out entire Macy's and similar stores!) so the S8 is handy for that. The dealer tells me that he can still source the scooter from Airwheel. I also hope they won't disappear, but hoping often disregards reality. I've asked Ed to request troubleshooting documentation from the manufacturer and if he has done so, he's come up empty. I also have a dead scooter, but its failure mode is silent. My number 2 scooter has begun
  6. I'm on S8 numbers 2 and 3, one of them purchased used. Charger from S8-1 has been used all this time until recently. No red light indicator on the charger block, but I swapped out one of the other two and all is good again. I suppose we are a couple of the last stragglers in the S8 world. I learned also that once you get the green light on the charger, remove it from the scooter. It continues to pump electricity into a fully charged battery and that's not a good thing.
  7. My Airwheel S8 has a "safety switch" in the foot pads and also in the seat. There's a start-up beep when the power button is pressed in and a confirmation beep from the system when either of the safety switches is activated. If a switch is stuck and I don't get the second beep, I'm knocked off in an instant. Do you know if your ride has a similar safety system?
  8. Does the same thing happen if you are not standing on it? What is the charge state of the battery?
  9. It's always demoralizing to hear of battery charger related fires. The photos are astonishing. I'm happy that you had no collateral fire damage as a result, of course.
  10. Not specific to this type of scooter, but I had a similar problem with a couple of Airwheel S8s. It's likely the batteries have dropped voltage to the point where the charger will not engage. I had to remove the battery pack (not a simple process with an S8) and charge the cells with an external balancing charger of the radio control type. It's necessary to unwrap the heat shrink in which your pack is probably enclosed. My pack has foam panels to absorb shock attached to the heat shrink, so I sliced carefully along one edge to enable me to re-wrap when the process was complete. If yo
  11. Being able to see the cell levels individually would be a great help for my Airwheel S8. When it finally left me walking, I pulled it apart and had 0.2 - 0.4 volt difference across the cells. If ninebot provides an app to show individual cell voltage, kudos to them!
  12. I've topped off the pack and they all reached nearly the same level. Not as uniform as I'd like, but all things considered, it's better than walking home. I don't have the confidence I once had, to make three trips totalling 10 miles, but I can still drive to my objectives and use the scooter to get around on the property. I also monitor it more closely, hoping to build back the confidence. I have considered to rebuild the pack with new cells and the original BMS, but I'd really expect the BMS was/is the problem, so researching has begun for a replacement. Everything seems to be coming fr
  13. Another clarification for which I thank you. I wasn't aware that the low end danger zone is 2.5v. That's much lower than I would have expected. I spent a good part of the day yesterday block charging the pack. I have an RC charger with balance and was able to bring a block of four cells right up to 4.20 v. The idea of doing this three more times was not attractive. I then realized I have a 12s charger and put it to good use. Today, the pack is reading 100% on the S8 app and got me through two grocery stores without incident. I won't be attempting to get to and from those stores until
  14. You can only be certain of the pack voltage when there is a load applied. A weak cell in the pack will drop sufficiently enough to trigger the low voltage and the built-in BMS is likely believing that it's fully charged. My Airwheel S8 has a pack with so many cells that were below acceptable levels that the system would not charge past 72% and my last trip turned into a walk home after three miles. I've dismantled the pack and have begun to individually charge the cells, hoping to get them to wake up. The long term plan is to replace the pack with fresh cells and use the BMS from the
  15. Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate insight from those more experienced. I've dismantled my pack today, as it left me stranded for the very first time. The partially discharged voltage levels for the cells are scattered from 3.66 to 3.99, pretty much all over the place. There's what appears to be a full pack BMS, as each set of cells is soldered to the main board. After a charge, terminated by the external charger, the voltages run from 3.81 to 4.21, mostly matching the disparities on the low end measurements. I don't know what current max is expected for this scooter, so
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