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Pump Nozzle Mod


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I absolutely despise fighting with the pump/air compressor when trying to inflate EUC tires. It is always a careful procedure to find the exact angle to be able to get the nozzle on and off of the valve. 

It is especially annoying when I get the air in and then can't get the nozzle to detach. This usually ends with all of the added air escaping because the nozzle is still half way on the valve/core.

This very situation happened last Saturday when I went to ride my V11. Flat tire, fight to get the nozzle on and then failed to get the nozzle off and lost all of the air. In a fit of rage I cut the thumb tab off of the tip of the nozzle lever... and it works perfectly now LOL.

I will add some pictures in a bit...


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Someone had suggested not to insert the valve completely into the nozzle. About maybe a 1/4 way in. Makes it easier to detach with minimal air escaping.

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