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EUC World Mobvoi Ticwarch problem with live stats

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Same problem here @Seba (eucworld author) have my report on SLACK. @Adam Duke please some patience is good you report here becasue my report was "not that old" maybe you report make things move becasue i am not alone thx for you time. Please keep this thread active if not help/find solution by Seba i mesage you solution what i find after 6 hours of troubleshoting into personam sesage if @Seba not make official fix. 

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2 hours ago, Adam Duke said:

Hi, I can connect to my Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro without problems, but can only see the main HUD on the watch, the live stats, stats page is there, but no numbers shown. Any idea what could cause it?

I'll be preparing an app update for Wear OS this week, so I'll look into this issue.

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Great best is wait to official solution.

Warning this is EXPERIMENTAL UNOFFICIAL WAY TO FIX THIS not recomended but work for me!

How to  fix ticwatch pro not show adavanced data only speed battery % and tour distance (steps what help me):

Version 2.4.4  canot fix this.

For again work advanced stats again must be :

1 unistall actual eucworld from Phone and watch (ticwatch pro)

2 Sideload OLD app 2.2.1 from apkcure (date/version before chrismass). Install this old version 2.2.1 before chrismas into phone https://apkpure.com/euc-world/net.lastowski.eucworld/versions

3 after that download 2.2.1 campanion from apps in my phone in Watch PLAY store (when is eucworld 2.2.1 version in phone).

4 And update eucworld to actual version eucworld from google play after this all work in watch again 👍

Warning if i sideload 2.4.4 version  not work!  Must be old version 2.2.1 before chrismass!

I hope this help you @Adam Duke @Seba. I no have acess to slack from this PC in work.

Propably something between version 2.2.1 and 2.4.4 has changed and afect wear OS campanion on ticwatch pro(Wear OS). 

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I'm afraid that going back to 2.2.1 may create more issues than it will solve. This is because 2.2.1 version is no longer supported and 2.4 introduced many important changes. Going back to 2.2 may cause unpredictable issues that I won't be able to resolve. It's best to wait few days - both phone app and watch app  updates are to be released within next days.

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Now all this is not needed anymore  just download 2.6 and all should be fine.

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