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V11 assembly - how to avoid upper suspension rod from twisting?


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when I dis- an re-assembled my V11 for the first time I came across this issue. See the video. When tightening the red nut, the entire rod turns with it. Hence I can't fasten the whole thing decently. Not even so that the snap-ring compresses as much as it should.

I could hold the rod with a pipe wrench, but either I scratch it badly when doing that, or I protect it with some cloth, then I need to apply really much pressure with the wrench to keep it from twisting.

Also, the rod itself is screwed together with the part where the tread is. So even when holding the rod, the thread might still turn. I tried to fix this with Loctite, but the whole thing appears so thin-walled that I'm afraid of fixing it so hard that friction alone keeps it from twisting.

Any practical tips?



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