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  1. Right, because Bluetooth, helmets, tilt back, gotways, etc. all do. But please, carry on with the selective disapproval.
  2. ? My comment was tongue-in-cheek.
  3. Could you clarify this please?
  4. Does the creator of EUC World have no plans on making an iOS version?
  5. I do appreciate your appropriate use of the word “damping” here. It’s a good thing the V11 is IP55 rated for all those owners out there.
  6. Yeah, there’s enough clearance now to access the valves without taking the saddles off. I also recommend the quick release adapter to avoid spending time threading the pump on and off of the valve. I haven’t ridden the wheel since but I highly doubt it’d make a difference.
  7. How often do you change the lower chamber pressure? It’s about convenience and accessibility. And no damage would occur due to bottoming out the suspension; the valve extenders are rotated toward the saddle. They don’t touch or are in anyway capable of touching the control board cover. They aren’t able to swivel freely if that’s your concern.
  8. Working fine so far. You just need to make sure that they’re rotated away from the control board cover and toward the saddles. If not, they will impact during suspension travel. Attached and inflating: Impacting the control board cover after putting some weight on the top handle: Rotating toward the saddle for clearance solves the above problem (they do not swivel freely nor due to NVH): Final install: The electric pump with the adapter: I may decide to alternate the final install on the left side valve exte
  9. Will do. There might be some clearance issues since the valves move with the saddles.
  10. Interesting. Well I just purchased the following: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0827VV3NX/ I chose the above because they’re nickel plated brass (superior corrosion resistance and cleaner finish) and not chrome plated brass. They also have internal rubber rings to prevent air leakage and the reviews look good. They’ll be here tomorrow. If they suck, they’ll be returned. These are chrome plated brass: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L9NXJDB/
  11. The only one that I think may work is the one on the right in the image below (135°). There are plenty on Amazon. I wouldn’t necessarily choose the cheapest (I think I may make a purchase actually). I wouldn’t mind an increase in air chamber capacity as long as there’s no flexing. 50 PSI is 50 PSI after all. Chrome plated brass (nickel plated brass is better, 3 posts below): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PYZFC9T/
  12. I suppose you could work your way in there. But the time you took to do so would be better spent on removing the screws. These T-handle Allen wrenches make it very easy: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y44JV6S/ (yes, they do clear the pedals)
  13. Yeah, that’s why I forked out $45 (the pump had a coupon at the time that brought it below $40). It got very annoying dealing with the Inmotion pump. The electric pump and quick release adapter work very well and I no longer risk thread damage.
  14. The problem I’m having must be two fold: 1) I must not be unscrewing the second version of the Inmotion pump fast enough by the valve stem. There isn’t much grip and therefore as I’m unscrewing it, lots of air is escaping. If I unscrew the top portion, I find both the top and bottom section unscrew sometimes. It’s an annoying process. The quick disconnect type works so much better. 2) I think one of the lower shocks valve stems is isn’t working properly. I swapped Schrader valve cores and the problem persists with the same shock. It’s as if the valve stem core pin sticks out further
  15. For any pump and inflation issues, I’ve been through many electric pumps and adapters to find the perfect setup. Using the second version of the pump that Inmotion supplied, I found that I had issues with losing air whether unthreading at the valve stem or unthreading up top. I wanted a quick disconnect that minimized air loss, especially in the top chamber since it has such a small volume. As previously mentioned, I went through a few pumps and adapters on Amazon. I chose the following pump because of its dual display (fast real-time pressure readout and pressure setting), compact d
  16. Before my one battery was changed out, I would get to ~84 volts, IIRC. Now, one battery is usually 0.6v higher than the other one. Even though the charger light goes green and the app says 100%, I only remove it from the charger when the app shows both batteries evening out at 83.6v (they never go higher). This is for a V11. What EUC are you taking about?
  17. The Inmotion app got updated again (version 7.8.2). They translated the the no-load option from Chinese to “Motor No-Load detection” and they also removed the USB option (which never worked for me).
  18. Thank you. I do like the little compartment and the lateral adjustments. But they mention a softness of “40D” (The upper part of the pads is made of rubber with a hardness of 40D in the Shore scale, thanks to which they provide great comfort during use.“) which, from what I’ve seen, isn’t too soft. It’s like bowling ball hard according to this: https://www.mechanicalrubber.com/elastomericsolutions/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Durometer-Conversion-Table.pdf I see they sell “improved” kick stand guides (https://hulaj.market/en/inmotion-v11/162-improved-kickstand-holders-for-inm
  19. “Fancier mode” is achieved by tapping “Features” five (5) times. Proceed with caution.
  20. Well, the latest Inmotion app update (version 7.8.1) removed the “No-load detection” (this worked) and “USB power switch” (this didn’t work) options.
  21. And that’s version 2 that’s supposed to have the “Gen 2 feature for improved pedal closability.” I guess the key word is “improved.” That’s a little disappointing. Thanks for the pictures.
  22. Thanks for the info. Wouldn’t it be better for them to show it installed on a V11 instead? Demonstrating pedal closure, etc. I try to avoid buying things sight unseen.
  23. All I see is the following on their website (Clark pads): Hulaj pads: I don’t see it installed. I also don’t see the Hulaj power pads installed either. Has anyone compared the two? Thickness, comfort, etc. Both are $149 and one comes from Poland. Are they flexible with returns?
  24. I haven’t seen this anywhere but can the foot pedals close with the generation 2 clark pads?
  25. No problem. Max. maybe an hour worth of your time.
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