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Budget/second hand motorcycle gear for euc

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Decent gear..is expensive. Too expensive. High end wheel alone costs a fortune + case,waterproofing,gprs tracking,charge doctor..:facepalm:

I am considering to buy some second hand motorcycle gear (less hardcore one obv). Usually there are quit many options around. Motorbikes are so popular.

How bad idea is it? This stuff isn't exactly disained for EUC's. Is it okay anyway?


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Nice thing about used clothing is you can see and feel pretty much everything you need to know. Armor is replaceable if you’re concerned, but there’s no need to be.

But I would be a little more picky about a used helmet, its cargo Is quite precious.

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It works great, used or not Your eventual fall will certainly be at lower speeds that what mc gear is made for, and when you slide and tumble on the ground, it doesn’t matrer what you fell of.

The only issue with mc gear in general can be that it’s too warm - if the gear is made with 50+ km speed in mind, and you chug along at 30, the ventilation might not be enough. But this is case by case and you can get around by going for more ventilated gear for your weather that what would you have at a motorcycle.

For clothes and such, check the seams. If they are good, it’s good to wear. I wouldn’t buy a second hand helmet, though. Unlike the rest of the gear, insides of a helmet is from a foam that ireversibly deforms on impact. A soft knee pad is good to go again after a fall, a helmet is not.

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I am actually selling all my gear if you are interested.  I am size LG.  Selling two helmets, three jackets with pads, knee/shin protector, wrist guards, and two pairs of pants.


Pants are Layzyroling and never worn.  Still have tags. 36Waist

2 coats are Layrolling.

1 coat is another motorcycle brand.

1 TSG Pass

1 Bell Helmet

DM if interested.








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