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  1. Followed that Found my head was 58cm. Found a Size chart for Bell's helmet, wish suggested a Medium size. Found a place to try and buy locally for the same price. Fits like a charm. Remember that most Amazon Prime delivery comes with amazon refund policy which is crazy effective...
  2. Took a very bad fall at the end of my ride yesterday, just in front of my condo... damn road gravel... I got close to breaking my jaw. Just bought the Bell Super R Air you have. Thanks for the suggestion, it really feels like an EPIC helmet
  3. It doesn't take much Before going for that run, I wondered if i should wear my full armor(underwear gform) and i'm glad I did... didn't see the bump(yellow line) and lost my feet... I need better elbowguard and new full hand glove
  4. I ordered 2m of 60 LED strip(original is 30) for 10$, i'll do some testing and will see how it react.
  5. Just make sure you log your run automatically in a CSV file and upload the file to your account. Then you can create mannually or automaticly a tour on the log page This way doesn't need to be always online on a Cell Network
  6. One of my strip is pretty much dead, my soldering won't hold the shaky rides. I want to replace them but was wondering if I could use any type of strip, like ones with way more LED so it's more of a line then distant spotting. Anyone know how the light program will react to more led on the strip?
  7. I was completly off, V1 and V2 are juste the amount of battery inside. Half or Full. Look for the range
  8. Well, I kinda fixed it. I just upload my CSV file and create a tour from it after and it work. So no LIVE tour. Sometimes the CSV seems to stop logging also... could it be the bluetooth losing connection to my wheel?
  9. Did it again, https://euc.world/tour/586266210041201 I received a phone call around that place/time so I had to open my phone, unlock it, switch app. The previous disconnect happened also when I was alt-tabing around my phone: photos, messengers, etc. Seems to disconnect somehow... EDIT: Then again, even worse now, I started my Live Map and didn't touch my cell for the whole ride... https://euc.world/tour/586269935991344
  10. I'm also having the Live map cutoff bug. I de-optimized EUC world as said. Will let you know if it happens again.
  11. I charged my wheel turned off with a smartplug set to x hours timer to stop charging between 80-90% and I haven't heard the dreaded 4 beep. The wheel turns off after the power is cut. On 1.07
  12. Fixed it, I downgraded KS app from 3.1.9 to 3.1.4 and it seems to be working now (i uninstalled the app first)
  13. I'm on 400mbps. KS website is slow sometimes, downloading the App took a hour last time (they must be on dialup)
  14. How long does it should normally take to upgrade? I've been waiting for almost 2 hours now. (Android 9 from FW 1.06)
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