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  1. Aaaaah fuck me... there's not even tape on the back of theses LED... Can you explain what you did exactly? Your picture doesn't work I bought a cheap controller with IR remote, for now.
  2. I could try, but I suppose it would light only the first 30 or so LED
  3. I intend to use my old strip connector to power the 2 new strip and split the data from the RF RGB controller. Took 2m of ip67 144led/m strip. Might make a video If I have the time
  4. My LED strip broke this summer and I'm looking to upgrade the lights. Something like that
  5. Also Seba, I think the patch messed up the lighting with the kingsong app. I pretty much lost control of my LED.
  6. I just locked my 16x with the EUC World feature and now I can't unlock it. FW 2.03. KingSong app's server are offline so no bypass there. Tried to reset the password with my old pass and serial, still beeping... EDIT: Alright, fixed it by re-installing KingSong's app. It didn't ask me to logging anymore... It was unlockable in KS app.
  7. Brand: SHIFT Model: ENFORCER Version/year of release: ? Picture links: https://fortnine.ca/en/shift-enforcer-knee-shin-guard Why you picked this: Cheap AF shin protection (upgraded from Tripple8 after a crash with big shin bruise) Pros: Cheap AF, one size fits all, put on and forget Cons: Cheap AF, one size fits all, put on and forget Honestly, if you're not sure, theses are great basic knee protector, haven't crashed with them but when i try to replace them they don't move easily, i'm pretty sure they will save my knees if I fall. Check the e
  8. Doing that helps a lot, I like to walk at red light too. But i still get fatigue after 40km and with fatigue comes errors and crashes. Feet pain seems to be a common issue with sedentary lifestyle and people that work sitted.
  9. Well I might just order a few off amazon and try them on the ground for a feel before cutting them.
  10. I want it integrated into EUC World. I'm pretty sure there's a way to control volume source inside an Apps, unless it is prohibited by google? Also just got a new idea, freshly made 2000km last ride and was wondering, how 'bout "EUC Achievements" in EUC World? That could be a nice thing to have. Distances milestone, max speed, max continuous speed, max amp, backward distance, longest run in a single charge, etc... Also it need a "False positive" feature as something the reading are not perfect and you might want to remove the 100km/h achievement...
  11. I mean a feature that control bluetooth audio volume of my phone via the speed i'm rolling. Right now I do it manually with the volume rocker but i'd rather set and forget. Something like 0 to 20km/h volume at 40%, then 20 to 40km/h increase gradually from 40 to 100%.
  12. I wanted to post in Riding Safety and Protective Gear Thx
  13. Pretty straight forward, i'm looking for some insert to lower the feet pain you get over long ride. Any recommandation from people who solved this issue? EDIT fuck... wrong section... Can someone delete or move that to equipement? Thanks
  14. I dunno if it's already implemented or proposed but could we have an anti-douche feature for bluetooth audio? A simple feature that allows you to set the bluetooth audio at x% when speed is at x%. So that feature would tuned down the volume automatically when I stop at red lights. Thx!
  15. Fantastic! Now I have to question myself, do I really need that? :p
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