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Where to order a tire


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My KS 16X is rubbing on the shell when mounting/dismounting or riding with one leg. I can't figure out why (even went as far as to buy a new shell and change it, but it still rubs). The clearance is only 1/8", so I decided to put a 2.5" tire instead to give it some wiggle room. But I have no idea where I can find one in Canada.

Anyone in Canada on this forum that can point me in the right direction?

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search this section for hints on rubbing (I think it was this section!)... the 16X's tolerances are very close and I recall somewhere that someone had hints for centering the wheel in the shell. I recall it had to do with tightening the pedal hangers 'evenly' on both sides (a bit on one side, then a bit on the other, repeat until tight). My H-666 rubbed a tiny bit when riding 1 legged when the wheel was brand new but has since stopped. There are also several threads in the other sections of the forum discussing tires, their sizes, and sources that you can look at, it's terribly confusing to me. But in the end these are scooter/motor cycle tires, all you need is someone like revzilla or other motor bike tire source—and you need to figure out how to decode the sizing. I haven't heard anyone buying from Canadian Tire though... :shock2:

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Looks like I bent a rib on the right side of the inner shell (I was just about to say "driver side," lol). It's not much, but the bend in the rib is enough to bring the edge of the shell 1/16" closer to the tire. When riding straight it's no big deal, but while mounting I'm essentially putting all my weight to one side - enough to get the tire to rub for half a rotation.

A local supplier is talking to Gotway about getting some tires of that size, so hopefully I'll be able to order one soon

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