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  1. I'm 194 cm (6' 4.5") and I wear shin guards on the inside of my calves when riding. I pretty much have to cause ever since my first practice day a month and a half ago, I developed leg swelling from repeated EUC hits, and it's never went away. Anyway, that extra bit of padding allows me to grip the wheel better. That said, I still get nasty wobble when breaking hard, so take that with a pinch of salt. My guess is that this has more to do with my (lack of) proficiency than my ability to grip the wheel
  2. Yeah that's what I use now. My only issue with that is that alerts aren't responsive to euc condition (they don't kick in at lower speeds as the battery gets depleted). But I like the Bluetooth hack idea, thank you
  3. My 16X speakers are too quiet, and I can't even make out the alarms and warnings it gives out to me. Does anyone know of a hack to get the sound piped up to bluetooth headphones? I use a Sena, which is a motorcycle bluetooth system that talks to my phone, and I thought there may be a way to get the KS 16X to send its warning to it too
  4. Looks like I bent a rib on the right side of the inner shell (I was just about to say "driver side," lol). It's not much, but the bend in the rib is enough to bring the edge of the shell 1/16" closer to the tire. When riding straight it's no big deal, but while mounting I'm essentially putting all my weight to one side - enough to get the tire to rub for half a rotation. A local supplier is talking to Gotway about getting some tires of that size, so hopefully I'll be able to order one soon
  5. Where did you get your tire?
  6. My KS 16X is rubbing on the shell when mounting/dismounting or riding with one leg. I can't figure out why (even went as far as to buy a new shell and change it, but it still rubs). The clearance is only 1/8", so I decided to put a 2.5" tire instead to give it some wiggle room. But I have no idea where I can find one in Canada. Anyone in Canada on this forum that can point me in the right direction?
  7. Well, last night I figured the wheel shouldn't be rubbing unless there's something wrong with it. So I openeded my wheel and found the cause, but you're not gonna like it. I found several broken plastic studs where the outer shell screws into the inner one. I've contacted the seller about replacement parts, but they were closed at that time so I haven't heard back from them yet. However I'll also attempt a fiberglass repair, and I have an idea on how to rebuild the parts that broke completely off, and do it on the budget. If successful, I'll post the pictures in my first reply (above
  8. I'm curious what you found. I have the same issue with the same model. It started happening after I tipped it over on its side
  9. Thanks for providing a straightforward answer and not getting hung up on the minutia. I kind of expected that most answers will take the direction they did, but was hoping someone would cut through all that, and you did. Sadly, we can watch now as others proceed to dice up your answer with comments like "no effin way anyone can claim they can mount 100% of the time" or "J-turns should be considered an advanced skill that 99% riders can't execute". I often wonder why people prefer to do that in forums (it seems to be an online forum thing), rather than provide an answer that's in
  10. So I'm exactly at the three 45 min sessions point in my riding practice. I can mount well about 60% of the time, do more-or-less straight stretches without losing balance about 90% of the time, and I'm starting to learn turns. I am confident that I'll be able to turn with decent amount of control after the next session. But the question I have is how long does it take to learn to ride well? I'm taking about the ability to ride that's as natural as walking: riding with confidence without ever losing balance, being able to mount well 100% of the time, ride backwards, execute J turns an
  11. 'Splains the second that made me think EUCs are capable of flight. It basically did the wall walk up until the tire sprung it backwards. It was at least 2 feet high up, maybe more, at its apex. So the outer shell can be replaced? Duct tape is holding it together for now, and I'll probably put more dings as I'm able to ride it more then a few feet now. But it would be comforting to know. Just how hard of a hit can those things take? If I had known they can continue rolling like that, I would have at least tried to hold one foot on it longer so as to tip it
  12. Day 3 of training and everything is going swimmingly - finally learned to mount properly and ride in a more-or-less straight line. And just as I was tackling the turns, I lost balance, slipped off the wheel, and watched in horror as it happily continued rolling without me. Until it went BAM! dead-on into a concrete wall. I took every precaution to pad the wheel with cardboard and duct tape before I started practicing, but the force of this hit was something to behold. As it bounced, it literally went airborne 4 ft backwards and then crashed a full length of a parking stall away.
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