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Replacement for my V10F is apparently firmware locked to 25km/h! What do?


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So I bought a new V10F last October that I want to return because the bearings had started making horrible grinding scrunching noises (it later turned out the bearings were OK, it was just some loose screws in one of the pedal hangers that caused the shell to rub against the side of the motor cover and leave some bad scratch marks). 


That wheel was initially "speed clamped" to 25km/h (it came with a manual in French only and it was apparently destined for the French market) but all you had to do to unlock it to 40km/h was to move a slider in the app and confirm that you had read a warning in a pop-up window.


The new replacement wheel arrived yesterday and today I connected it to the app. Thats when I found out that the wheel was now limited to a top speed of 25km/h, that is the extreme end of the slider and the app wont allow you to unlock it to 40km/h in any way!


What the fuck do I do now??? There is no way I will exchange my 40km/h wheel for one that is restricted to 25km/h, even if the older wheel has already 1.400km on it and I could exchange it for a new one for free.


Do I complain to amazon or the seller and try to have the speed limit firmware unlocked?

Or should I try to get a whole new unlocked wheel if there even is such a thing?

Or should I just switch the control boards and put the old 40km/h board into the new 25km/h wheel ...? :efef77eaf5:

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I have found just such an old thread and apparently it is possible to set the max xspeed to 40 (and even 45) km/h with the EUC worlds app. The post said you had to use the EUC World app to raise the limit, then set it by pressing the carrying handle button, then open the Inmotion app and when it shows the new topspeed you confirm it. I did the first two steps, but when I opened the Inmotion app the top speed slide bar was greyed out and the slider remained fixed ar 5km/h, no matter what I did.

I havent been able to test what the new top spseed is now, 5 km/h or 40km/h, I'll report back as soon as I have tried it out.

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1 hour ago, Tawpie said:

It's not locked there because it's new is is? Maybe a few kms will solve things?

The old wheel could be set to 40kmh immediately just by moving the slider past 25kmh. YOu just had to acknowledge that this made the wheel ilegal or sth similar (French laws?) in a pop-up window.

There was a pop-up window for the new wheel too but it said sth along the lines of "we recommend that you ride the EUC for a year before setting a higher speed" but surely they dont expect me to ride a whole frigging year at 25kmh before I can unlock the full speed?!?! And 25kmh was the very end of the slide bar, no higher speed was displayed.

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The V10 I bought new in 2020 let me set up any speed immediately. KingSong has some temporary limit that can be lifted after maybe 50 km, but Inmotion doesn't do this - I think we would hear that a lot in context of people buying V11.

@mhpr262 You can try to set the speed in EUC World to 40, turn off the wheel, let it be until it really shuts down, until it disconnects from BT, and so on, and then turn it on and check it in EUC World again. Whether it is set back to 25 or it stays at 40. Any other test requires riding the wheel I'm afraid - lifting it up so it spins up slowly seems impossible - at least I wasn't able to get over 5 km/h without it immediately speeding up in a split of a second to max speed and shutting down.

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I have just test ridden the new wheel that came to locked at at 25km/h. Seems like the EUCWorld app was indeed able to "overcome" the lock, I was able to reach a top speed of more than 31km/h, as per the app display. I didnt dare ro go any faster as my weight requires me to exercise a god deal of restraint.

So, the lock has been removed. It still sucks that I cant use the Inmotion app lioke I used to. I'm still gping to keep the wheel, I am sick of shipping wheels backa nd forth and waiting for weeks. AT least I am geting a brand new tire and a brand new battery out of the deal. 

When my other wheels started making noises the seller offered me 15% discount on the price, maybe I can get that this time too.


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Just finished chatting with amazon technical support, they are arranging a 15% discount for me. That is almost 210€ off of the original price, not too shabby. On the other hand basically not being  able to use the Inmotion app with this wheel is a big drawback if I ever want to sell it, so the price reduction is not unjustified IMHO.

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I'm glad the EUC World app solved this and you're able to enjoy the wheel.

I became a supporter of the app which has so much more functionality than I am currently using--it does everything I ask and more. It works well with a phone, and since I don't want to drop the phone while riding it is also on a watch and works very well. Please help support the development so we continue to have excellent software for our wheels. 

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