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V11 Control board change and motor balancing solution


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Hello everyone, my control Board has died after these circumstances:


1. Rider weighing about 90 kg.

2. Slope upward about 40 degrees.

3. A lot of mud.

4. The v11 went up with the pads (without the pads it would not have been possible to go up as much and maybe nothing would have happened).

5. The legs of the capacitors melted with the consequent cut off.

6. The control board is changed and the motor does not balance.

7. Solution, do a test with the official app and when it asks you about the motor, you have to say that you do want to do a specific test for it and there you have to put the wheel completely in HORIZONTAL on the ground and do the test.

8. The motor already balances!!


A geeting.

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Hello, I am curious what the procedure is for running the test.

When I run the diagnostic in the inmotion app, then I get a little pop-up that says the hall sensor failed, and then it shows a red question mark next to the motor category, where it should usually be a green check mark.

Does the test run if you click on the question mark or something?

(I recently replaced the motor and am having this issue)

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I did the test and when finished, a pop-up automatically appears and it says motor isue and asks if I want to do the test the motor, then I put the wheel horizontally on the ground, I confirm the second test and the motor rolls a little and at lift the wheel, it balances already.

Checks always came out green, even if I didn't do the second test.

Apart from the control board I have also changed the motor.

I don't remember exactly the message of the little pop-up but it hasn't say the hall sensor failed only mentioned a motor problem.



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