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Apple Glasses?

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Progressive lenses! Getting old and the eyes aren’t what they used to be (an upside problem actually!)

But seriously, I don’t know what I’d want. It’s like Henry Ford’s comment about an automobile—I want a better horse of course.

When iPhone first released I was instantly sold by the prospect of “internet in my hand, always”. iPad... grandma will absolutely love the bejeepers out of that. This is an opportunity to turn us on our ears again if they can figure out what the “something” is, at this point my imagination is drawing blanks. Prolly explains why I don’t work there.

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If it knows your position and what direction you're looking then it would be nice to have info on everything your looking at. Well, maybe not everything, otherwise you won't see anything through the text. I guess you could specify your interests and it would only show the more important info. Music and pod casts would be good. If it could recognise things like paintings in a museum then it would be nice to get information. You could do the same thing for almost anything from books, to cars and motorbikes. It would be really nice if it could display a pair of attentive looking eyes on the outside then I could have a sleep during important meetings. It might be an idea to have alarms as it might need to wake me at the end of a meeting rather than having me staring rather creepily at a blank wall all evening.

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Apparently coming out in a few months.  It would be cool to have a heads up display (HUD) that gives you all the data you need.


Hand gestures to open/close apps, answer a call

Battery level, Temp, speed, distance travelled, distance to  20% battery (DarknessBot)

Name of street you are on, coming up cross streets, names of stores as you look at them (maps app or Darkness bot)

Name of EUC riders as they go by, name of people in front of you (with permission)

Record on and off. Use Apple Glass Cam. Turn on 360 or gopro camera on and off (Apple or Insta and Go pro apps)

emergency 911 call (apple)

interaction with Siri (apple)

Place food coffee order as you get closer (apple)

   EUC rider "Hey Siri order me a large coffee with extra splenda at Dunkin Donuts"

   Siri- You want to place an order at the Dunkin on 23 East Main St? Say yes or wave your left hand to confirm."

Integration with Bluetooth speakers and mic's

I don't know if Apple glass will have a mic and speakers, but I just put a BT headset in my helmet.


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