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Feature: Security Lock - App Code to unlock?

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I don't have a EUC yet, but want one soon.  I'm an avid mountain unicyclist (class pedal machine of course) so I figured its due time for an electric as well for longer rides.  The brutal steep technical terrain, I'll still right my hard frame pedal muni thanks.

Anyway, was wondering if these EUCs have a way to lock them up?  I'll be leaving mine in the wood for hiking and wonder how to lock em up.  Can you disable the power in an app with a code or anything?  Prevent them from being just powered up and riden off?   They should have this, and the ones with speakers, should have an alarm like a car alarm.  If its locked, it will siren off if you haven't first unlocked it with your code.

Anyway, havne't read this feature exists anywhere yet, maybe its something they would start adding to help us protect them when we pop into a store or off a trail, without just a obviously bike cable or something.  Not sure how to cable them up anyway, can this even be done?



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I’ve never used it and have no idea what it actually does but my KingSong app has a function called “lock”, and I do know you can set a passcode for the wheel. Which I haven’t done either.

But I do think all wheels are capable of passcode locking.

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Yes there is a lock feature, at least in ninebots c/e/p and the kingsong s18.


In the ninebots it was really good, the wheel when locked would beep in any movement, disable the power button, flash the lights and move the motor back and forth, in a way that even lifting it and running with it would become more difficult by distracting body movement.

In the Kingsong the wheel just beeps if moved when locked, and if powered off while locked, it wont even balance when turned on again. Not so well thought out as on the ninebots, but good enough. I don't know about inmotions and gotways. 




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