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  1. People commenting on whether you can LEARN to fall better or not, in my experience, you certainly can. Practicing falls, taking martial arts (where you practice a TON of rolling, falls, impact avoidance, etc), practicing parkour, or putting in 10,000hr on a MUNI, certainly train you to fall better than the guy beside you with none of that practice. It becomes instinctive and you WILL roll out, instead of hitting a shoulder or your head. The muscle memory will help you to launch the feet higher in order to roll, or you will tuck your arms in, instead of going down on the wrists, all these li
  2. Thanks @Scottie888 Ohh, any mention of a Danny Mac... skill level is one HUGE compliment. Anyway dude, it definitely comes with the hours of riding and offroad, that is for sure. I did trials unicycling for years as well and can bunny hop onto the top of picnic table using a pedal climb technique on the muni. Just started hopping some logs now on the EUC the other night, can get over 6-7 inches, hope to raise that up to 12inchs or so with practice maybe more, we'll see. Started catching some air at the dirt pump track too. Tons of fun! Maybe skills come faster with a bit of fearlessness
  3. Haha, thanks @Scottie888 for the comments, I've ridden about 25,000 km of offroad pedal MUNI in the last 33years, so those skills became very transferrable starting out on the EUC. I've been ripping at a couple pump tracks in fish creek/okotoks recently on a couple rides, and the suspension isn't helpful in the pumps, so I have to lock it out to not kill the legs on the track. It's kinda of a tradeup though, as the suspension is WAY better for the jumps and drops, but not in the up and down smooth ramp changes where you normally pump it. The suspension absorbs your speed there and tires the
  4. Thanks Wren, it was fun for sure. I usually ride with a couple of mountain bikers so I'm used to group riding, just not other EUCers! Glad you came out, I've riden another couple times in the various offroad sections of the fishcreek and am ready to head out to the mountains for some trails now too!
  5. Thanks guys for coming out on the ride, especially @Wren for driving so far. After you left I ate some pavement scared up the poor uni a bit , and left some skin behind but I'll be fine, skin regrows luckily. Here are a few pics from the ride!
  6. Interesting seeing everyone's replies. Obviously pads are dependent on your riding style, I just velcroed in my own toe pads to help me stay on the KS-S18, without them I had less breaking power, and the biggest reason is because I'm riding a lot of slopes, and without toes hooks, when I wipe out in the rough terrain (which is very often) the uni flies away from me, down the slope, potentially into water, etc. Bad news, I find the toe hooks let me grab on the wheel for bumps and crashes and keep that thing close so it doesn't go fly elsewhere, especially down a slope. I don't find I w
  7. There are plenty of pathways and alternate routes around to keep on without getting in the rough, so just take what you can... See ya thurs!
  8. Hi everyone, if there are others in Calgary area interested in offroad EUC riding, I ride okotoks and fishcreek offroad areas a lot already, they are great training grounds for single track before the kananaskis trails are ready (which is soon!). Was thinking of a group ride this Thursday, Apr 29, 2021. Meeting at Glennfield Day Use parking lot, which is at McLeod Trail and Banister road. 6:30 pm I typically ride around 20-25km and here is a typical route tracked on EUC World. I'd be happy to meet other times in okotoks, it has another great trail system for offroaders, like this typic
  9. Croozn*, ya you can do a lot on these wheels it seems. The S18 is my first wheel but the suspension is critical as far as I'm concerned, I can barely keep on my feet over the trails at any decent speed, with the suspension working full tilt, and my knees would be ruined without it, they are sore after a rough 2hr ride as it is, so I can't even image not having suspension on offroad trails, no thanks! Distance wise I can only get about 35km in a ride on the S18, by that time, (2hr) the battery is about 10-15% and I don't really care to ride how I ride below that. It usually recovers to abou
  10. Ya Scottie nice long ride you guys had, I won't be getting those on my S18, nor will I be doing many paved bike trails (just not my style) however, any dirt trails and mild offroad is where I'll start and unfortunately, kananaskis is no where near ready yet, all ice and mud still, which I'll be riding on my pedal uni first anyway, I trust my grip on it the most! lol Anyway, I'll get my first decent ride tomorrow on some trails and see how it goes. (starting at macleod tr /fish creek in the south)
  11. Dwotr, haha! nice one. Sounds like fun. I'm going to get down to fish creek tomorrow about 1pm and try out some trails, my yard and gravel road have plenty of tire tracks on it, so time to get out to explore some new stuff... I'm just riding with a friend with an ebike, but want to test out some of that area.
  12. Awesome freego, thanks so much for all the extra details, I will definitely be getting some pins in mine soon. Very nice!
  13. Right on, looks good, was going to try something like that as well. Does the underside of the S18 pedals just pry out? Or are are there screws under the grip tape to pop that off with. I think threading into the pedal may be easier than adding a layer with the spikes in it, plus is add pedal height (small but still) so in the pedals might be best. Thanks! NEVERMIND, I see the steps in top post now, screws under grip tape! Sweet!
  14. Right on DWOTR, ya the RS-torque was my other consideration but I didn't want the extra weight as I like technical riding so agility and suspension made the most sense, although more range would be awesome. Always tradesoff I guess when you only have one wheel. That's OK, I'll use mine to get out further into the forests, then hike at the end of my turn back range. Saves me having to hike or bike as fall for some of my hiking trips. A good camouflaged tarp and voila, forest garage, haha.
  15. I concur with that DWOTR, I just got my S18 from Mike at goWheels as well and he swapped the panels to convert his white stock version to a black version which I wanted and he shipped it Friday and I had it Monday morning in Okotoks, AB, CAD, so nice fast shipping, good service and prices, especially supporting local business.
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