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  1. I'm waiting on replacement packs for the S18, and one rear pack seems to be the culprit for the S18 not charging properly. Does anyone know if I can just unplug the two rear packs and just charge and use the EUC with only the front battery packs (which are 2/3rd of the pack anyway). I've read people are saying it unsafe to use a wheel when one pack is dead as it can potentially go negative polarity and has an increase risk of fire during use or charging. So, that's why I wonder if I can still use it with just the front packs plugged in to eliminate that risk and keep the front packs in
  2. MrH, yes I use the lockout often even in offroad on my S18, as lockout is better for climbing typically (sometimes jumping actually if the landings are ramped) and it is useful to 'feel' the trail more. It is not a hard lockout there, there is still the top 20-30% of suspension in the lockout mode, so its still a soft ride, but much reduced suspension. You can easily reach down and flip it while riding too, so you don't even have to stop.
  3. Ya, I'd have to make a little heat shrink connector or something for that lead, I agree. Well, probably just need to replace the charger and hopefully that is all it is.
  4. Thanks guys, does anyone know as well if I stick a voltmeter on the charger output, is it supposed to output 84V or would it require load sensors and stuff before it activates its output? I haven't tried yet, can't seem to find any info online searching about these chargers. So, might just need to replace it. I don't have much need for a fast charger, just more risk and wear on the batteries, I usually am pretty wiped about 35-40km of mountain riding, legs/back so not much need for multiple charges in a day. Had to break out the trusty pedal muni and bike today for my mountain
  5. Hi folks, my S18 charge has suddenly stopped charging my EUC. When I plug it in, the charger flashes to its normal red led just for a few seconds and then it goes back to green. Every 4-5 seconds, it flashes red just for a moment and then right back to green. After a minutes it just stops this cycle and stays green, NOT charging the EUC. The EUC is not gaining any charge and otherwise everything on the EUC appears to be functional, has power still, etc. When I watch the power/battery levels in the kingsong app live, it fluctuates up and down with both the voltage and the current.
  6. My usual responses are: 1. What is that thing?? Its the future! 2. How much does that cost? No idea, I stole it. (As I check my six and keep ripping) 3. How much does that cost? (asked by a kid). No idea, got it from an alien. Those usually get me the most smiles and the least interruption when I'm riding. If I'm stopped or actually talking with someone, I'm happy to answer questions for real... But 90% of the time, 1, 2 & 3 above.
  7. Thanks, would be cool if I can get there (usually in the mountains though riding saturdays, so we'll see). I saw it lists the ride at 1:15PM so is that the meet time, and where at? Can you post a pin, couldn't find the details.
  8. While I'll probably be hauling up some mountain in kananaskis on my euc (every saturday now) I'll keep that in mind, as I also want to get to innisfail for some morning paramotor flying, so maybe that day would work for both. I've never ridden Red Deer but would be very interested in what might be there for offroad trails (as that's all I ride) Thanks for letting me / us know.
  9. Well, I will certainly agree with you Scott on the tire issue and limitations for a suspension wheel but as far as everything else with this wheel, I'd say they nailed it. Light enough to be limble and manouverable for offroading, reasonable range, considering the light weight compared to other bohemouths, and so I can't complain at all. I've put over 400km now in some pretty rough terrain on mine and its a VERY capable wheel. I would say if you need more range/speed that is the deciding factor, but KS certainly didn't blow it with this wheel, in fact I think they crushed it building a uniq
  10. You can outrun me on pavement on any euc, I am scared of pavement, it hurts too much.
  11. Ha, ya thanks @ShanesPlanet. I assume you mean the runout from falling being barely fast enough? True, some I run out, some I slide out or roll (none of those caught on camera though). I can't say that riding offroad is relaxing as its not, its actually tons of work and tiring, especially the really rough terrain, but well worth it! Incredible views in the mountain rides! Certainly a LOT less tiring than my pedal MUNI though!
  12. Hey everyone, I thought I'd toss up a video of a bunch of offroad riding I've been up to since getting my EUC this spring. It's an amazing machine and super fun, although painful at times, as I hit the dirt a lot in my style of riding! Anyway, these are trails in Calgary and Okotoks Alberta, and in the Rockies in Kananaskis Country. I hope you enjoy the vid!
  13. Hey @ShanesPlanet that's awesome you are flying paramotor too! I've been flying for a couple years now, couple hundred flights, I love it even more than EUC, haha. Those two sports though, wow, the funnest things to do, that's for sure!!! I have a bunch of paramotor vids on my random channel, here's one...
  14. I'm sure there is more than meets the eye here with road technique but sometimes simple points are best. The leaning in with inside leg tossed in I'm just practicing that offroading as it helps to take corners sharper without leaning the wheel as much, to avoid pedal scrap, especially if riding in an offroad indented track, with less pedal clearance. Very helpful but tough to learn I'm finding, but it comes with practise obviously. I need to work on my whole list above while going backwards, I find I need backwards a lot offroad and its easier to use than I ever found it in MUNI, as ba
  15. Lots of drills to move towards as you learn IronGoos3, keep practicing but the drills you do should be adjusted for the goals of riding and riding style you plan to have. I'm an offroader only so everything I do is aimed at better balance and control, not speed, although, ripping through single track at 20km/h is definitely fast for that terrain. however, you work towards it, I'd recommend.... For absolute first time riders: Never look down, always keep the horizon in sight, so head up and looking forward. Arms out, use your arms for steering before all else If you can
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