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  1. overvoltage is normal, I am emulating the z10 and sending the shermans voltage, eucworld must think your "Z10" is about to explode I will finish the bridge just as a proof of concept, and then talk to Seba, if he has some time we will make a proper two way support, both for the phone connecting to the watch and the watch connecting to the phone.
  2. I think size and weight better be auto adjusted from the lift sensor.
  3. the 18xl is at 42kph when reporting 50, not so clear winner
  4. no need, I enjoy it too, I always wanted to have a watch I can program myself, too much knight rider as a kid. yet, I will ask from atc1441, Fanoush and Gorgon, the guys that made the most important pieces of the puzzle I use, if they want me to pass their info, so if one wants one can buy them a beer .
  5. 2.07 is not compatible with older motherboards, the same goes for 2.06, it is not compatible with new motherboards.
  6. this is the easy part, I will explain in detail if you want. The hard part is to make a 3d printed case that fits 10 batteries in the form of a power pad, that looks nice and is strong. Do that, and a lot of people will be happy.
  7. Thank you for the feedback yes the inmotion v5/8/10 is not working yet, but it will in a couple of weeks, I found a v5f
  8. time passed, I have actually moded my s18 to a 4p setup to compensate for voltage drop on the lg in a 3p setup, and now I happened to come across a gen2 s18, and look what is inside.
  9. the speed the s18 reports is very close to gps speed, not like past ks wheels.
  10. They are somewhat hidden, a lot of accidental presses. if you are on latest testing version, then a swipe up will call global settings, and the "i" icon on the bottom is "source app aware", so if you call settings from a dash app, this button will have temp/speed options etc.
  11. Notice: there is now a p22d on the market. Do not flash this one, better return it. If flashed will not get bricked, all steps up to installing eucWatch will go through, but as of yet the screen display is unusable, it will look like it is stuck. it may be supported in the future .
  12. just to understand what was the problem, you were using a p22 with the standard loader, and then used the testing one and is now ok?
  13. are you on standard or testing loader?
  14. you need a p8 or a p22 to be able to use daflasher for the hacking step. those looks like a p22, cannot tell for sure, but my bet is that they will work. https://www.amazon.ca/KALINCO-Pressure-Tracking-Smartwatch-Compatible/dp/B08XLT5KQ6/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=kalinko%2Bsmart%2Bwatch&qid=1630557275&sr=8-5&th=1 https://www.amazon.ca/Popglory-Smartwatch-Pressure-Monitor-Fitness/dp/B08DXQSVDC/ref=pd_di_sccai_2/142-1107963-2619258?pd_rd_w=VGeKk&pf_rd_p=e92f388e-b766-4f7f-aac1-ee1d0056e8fb&pf_rd_r=FR7W5R93C320646ZMPS4&pd_rd_r=0c39c713-3ee0-4
  15. thanks for answering, I would bet otherwise, my respect to the design team.
  16. @jack, if you can answer of course, was the s18 an inhouse design, or was it outsourced?
  17. ok, it looks like the p22D has the lcd pins reversed, what a mess. do not throw it away, it may be fixed in the future, I will let you know when.
  18. no this is not the way it should work, it should save the slot after a successful connection. Try it again, this time connect, and once connected, disconnect using the side button. If the slot is empty, please let me now. thanks for the info, p22d is unknown, maybe it is not supported. ps. forget the alarms sounding on standard loader thing, if it happens it is hard to miss, if not then it is fixed
  19. thanks, so we are not sure this is a non working p22, as you had it working in the first try. thanks for trying it out, let me now if it is ok on the 16x, there were some issues reported about alarms sounding on standard loader, I think I solved it, but a verification would be nice.
  20. You sure are a guy with hi determination. So two of the p22's didn't work? Can you post a link of the ones that did not work?
  21. nice I did't see that , it was 28 on the pdf I had.
  22. they will use 40 more cells that we do, 2.6 kgr. The motor will have small bearings, I expect the weight to be of minor difference. The tire will most probably be a reinforced tube as always, not a real tire, so it will be of less weight that a pirelli. The sliders will be lighter, no need for double sliders with the hollow motor I think. the shock will be heavier. But yes, we agree, I say 31 max, lets see
  23. that is what jack said, but my s18 with 4p batteries and some reinforcements and a heavy tire, is ~29. The s20 will have 40 batteries more(2.6 kilos), less metal on the sliders, and a bit more weight on suspension and motor. My guess is that there is no reason to go over 31, the official specs give it at 28.
  24. I agree. I think that if indeed it is in the sub 30kgr area, then a handle like the s18 will do, even if it is positioned in the front. if it is on the heavy side, maybe two hands are best. We will find a way to mod it, we have to mod something, maybe the handle being not perfect is for the best.
  25. the s18 cooling is amazing. So amazing, that it allowed kingsong's "professional" assembly line to apply both a heat pad and heat paste, paste over the pad, for god's sake. Yet, it still rocks.
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