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Gotway RS - High Torque, Should I be concerned?!

Josh Morgan

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Hey everyone, I just placed an order for an RS-HT. After all the horrible stories of fires, I am now extremely paranoid about this wheel. Any RS owners out there that can shed some light so I can get out of my fetal position please? Thank you!!!!

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I don’t own a Gotway so this is the viewpoint of a rubber necker.

They’ve certainly had a tough stretch recently. Maybe it’s bad luck, maybe it’s bad manufacturing, maybe it’s bad design. Maybe it’s bad management. Probably a bit of everything.

There is a faction that believes now is the time to insist on changes by withholding our money and they have a point. There is also a cadre of people who want what only Begode can deliver and they have no acceptable options. What I read implies that an RS is a bit of a gamble, probably because it’s a technology jump and by definition an immature product—but perhaps because Begode has lost its way. Nevertheless, for many many buyers the planets align and all is well.

Do you feel lucky? Can you deal with the aftermath if things go wrong? Or do you want to demand better from Begode and wait until they right the ship (whatever that means)?

My personal feeling is that the bearing issues need to be sorted, by all the manufacturers. There’s something not quite ready for prime time there. And the legendary Gotway inattention to detail (design and assembly) needs a fundamental do over—these things are too powerful and carry too much stored energy to rely on another squirt or ten of white goop. We are beyond the stage where “hammer to fit, paint to cover” is an acceptable callout on an assembly drawing. Stupid things like improper preparation for shipment are mind boggling. And who let the MPro out to reviewers in the state it’s in?

I’m not considering their products until they demonstrate the same thinking they lost to Veteran. Even though I fancy an mTen, I’ll wait. (keep in mind I have a working wheel that I don’t NEED to upgrade so waiting is a luxury I enjoy)

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