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Tip's for Riding in EUC-less area's

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You got into EUC's during Covid-19 & now your addicted.  You live in an area that is completely oblivious to what you are riding.  How do you act, ride, & interact to set a good example?  No one wants to be the cause of EUC's banned.

I have yet to run into a cop and don't wanna open a can of worms, by talking to one early.  My nearest City in USA, has only just now started Electric Scooter and Bike rentals with new bike only lanes.  New laws pop up, how to ride and what classifies as a PEV, scooter, or bike.  If you read closely, EUC's don't follow all the specs they have laid out.  If my EUC was just a Standard Unicycle, wouldn't u think it would fit under a Bike class?  EUC's would be so fun in the city and want to set a respectable example.  Don't want them banned the way Segway's did when they first came out, "NO SEGWAY'S ON CANEL WALK!" sign. 

I ride respectful to others and very cautious.  Should I act as if I am a bike and stick to roads, or should I scooter style and stay to sidewalks?  Or just Willy Nilly wherever?

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Easy... Smile and don't wear intimidating clothing. Unfortunately i KNOW that wearing a helmet pretty much indicates that even YOU are aware its dangerous.  Ride responsibly and give right of way to pedestrians and others. I bite the bullet and ride up to police. Hell, theyr'e just rednecks on an hourly wage too. The cops i meet are no different than any other people. Usually im asked questions and being the boys they are, i see a childlike smile typically enter the conversation. If yuo act in a manner that is courteous and don't appear to assume you are doing anything wrong, you will more than likely be met in kind. Being nervous at all, is an indication that you thnk you MAY be doing something wrong, and they will pick up on it. I ride slow speeds on sidewalks when anyone is around and I try to not be ANY kind of problem or menace in traffic. Obeying stop signs and traffic law and using hand signals while presuming you have every right to be where you are, is a safe bet until you are told otherwise.  Me, I'm not trying to set an example and I dont give a rats ass about being an ambassador. I dont recall me ever thinking I had some greater rsponsibility to any sort of 'community' when I got my first skateboard.  I treat my euc like a bicycle when im on the street and trynig to get along with traffic. I treat my euc like a skateboard when on sidewalks. COnfusing the two is where you get into problems. The police SHOULD have something better to do, than mess with you... IF you arent being a problem (law or not).  Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Seriously, you bought a neat little device, it doesnt have to mean you all a sudden get to worry about some bullshit 'community' and how the public views everyone. Me, I do what I do and I do it for my own needs. I seriosuly doubt you will be able to take the credit for or be blamed for how laws develop (or not) about the euc. in short... SMILE. If you're wearing a para-troooper outfit, perhaps don't stop at all? With a very grey classification, I was lured to the euc and i take advantage of it being somewhat in the shadows. The  euc ignorance/freedom WILL come to an end. I see no point in denying myself the joys of 'willy nilly' before its too late. Ignorance is no excuse, but for now... even the cops arent exactly confident about euc laws. Pretend like you belong where you are, be responsible and claim ignorance with a smile, should you need. Don't worry, if you are actually a problem, they (cops) have zero problem educating you about THEIR opinion of the laws concerning. Fuk it man, how much could a ticket possibly be? Im looking forward to my first and will take it to court, just so I can enjoy the experience and laugh about it for even longer. Ima frame my ticket, save some $$ for next time and do it all again. Hell, the judge may dismiss it just because its so odd. If you arent creating harm/damages, our judge would dab into your pocket for $50 and move on to the next 'criminal'.

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Could be wrong as jurisdictions are many & varied but at least where I'm at, most vehicles (motorized or not) of any kind (excepting wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs & other such aids for the disabled) are not legal on sidewalks. So if one really has to mingle with pedestrians, first learn to ride slow ie. walking speeds of btwn 3-5mphs. Then learn how to maneuver at those speeds as well.

Respect all pedestrians & stop to give way if possible. The easiest way for PEVs to get banned is to behave like hooligans on sidewalks, pathways, parks & anywhere where people congregate. Or even on public streets for that matter.

Ride responsibly, behave courteously & most likely, the Man & our rulers will ignore our beloved hobby. YMMV ofcos 

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If you live in good 'ol 'MURICA, then you know, a law is only as good when it is actually enforced, which for the rural, less populous parts, tends to be yes; but for the urban city parts, tends to be no.

Just use your good judgement and don't be a 🍆 to pedestrians and/or car traffic, and you should be fine (ie. no different than any other motorist).

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