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what settings do you use?


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Hi, I'm interested in what settings do you use?

Currently I'm switching between medium and strong riding mode. and pedal angle between 1,0,-1.

How do you guys ride at higher speeds (50km/h+)? Due high wind resistance I have the feeling I need to push the wheel too much to maintain or increase speed (weight 105kg). Tried already to change foot and pad position. 


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I have the same issue with the Gotway RS at high winds and a pedal angle of 3 depending on wind conditions.
I hope firmware is going to be updated as wheels get faster so that wheels will be more responsive relative to the input (leaning). That way accelerating and decelerating should require less leaning forwards or backwards, thereby making it easier to achieve + 50km/h speeds regardless of wind conditions. 

As of right now you have to continue leaning pretty aggressively to accelerate through the wind resistance, also the closer to 0 degree pedal angle the easier it should be to outlean the winds, or if you are crazy you can go for minus degrees but that would make braking exponentially difficult so i wouldn't recommend that. Another thing that can be done, as of right now, is completely removing pads to more easily allow for forward lean. 

I don't really believe that any of the above steps are actual solutions in +50 km/h speeds or in high winds.
I truly think the solution we need is either a complete rework of euc software or more so just reworking responsiveness at +50km/h so that less lean is required for more output... Think of light triggers on firearms - less energy exerted to achieve the desired outcome.

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Soft mode usually, 1 pedal angle with minimal foam padding near the top (like in my profile pic). Alternating toe-forward leans seems to work well enough to comfortably push it to 35mph (56km/h) at least. Running about 26-28 psi on the knobby and I weigh 106kg without gear.

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Medium mode with +1 tilt back. I still stop WAY faster than I can accellerate.Not being that extra +1 forwards seems much safer than worrying about 1 degree backwards. Forwards you are leaning away from the wheel in hopes its motor can keep up. Backwards has the added benefit of being drawn INTO the wheel as it decellerates.  Maintaining speed into the wind at near 40mph is an exercise in leg/foot strength. I dont find the sherman to be any easier or harder to stay at near 30mph than my other wheel. My other wheel wont do 40mph, so i have no reference point aside from the sherman. Once up to speed tho, its exactly how I expect. Trying to stay near 27mph on my 18 is the same effort as 40mph on the sherm. 20psi for all terrain tire on pavement and dirt. Self made power pads at the very ends of the wheel so i only use them when I have to and they stay out of the way. Next off-road mountain ride i take, Im grabbing that rear bar to see what I can wring out of it. Seats are for midgets. I bought an euc, not a bicycle :)

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