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  1. Damn! I can't even imagine! I've found that I prefer something like this too, especially when there's a lot of downhill.
  2. Just to report back, I tried a couple of things that seem to have really improved my comfort on the wheel. Like others have suggested, shifting my weight from foot to foot (not even turning/slaloming) helps when my arches are feeling a little pained. I opened my knees up a bit, so that my feet weren't pointing directly straight in front. Like so, although usually not pointing outwards quite this much. This particular change was a huge step forward for my sense of oneness-with-wheel: (these are not my riding shoes... I usually stick to boots)
  3. I have that exact same phone, thanks! I finally got this stupid app to not instantly crash. LIke you said, only the app directly from kingsong.com works,
  4. Thanks! I feel a little silly since I've seen this advice in foot fatigue threads. I thought my unusual foot size required an unusual solution like what @LanghamP suggests which BTW I may just try too after I've given carving and slaloming some practice. It's a thing of beauty. Thanks for making them!
  5. This. I hid those comments, explicitly explaining that I hid them because I unintentionally revealed this information about myself (specifically, links to some public social media profiles). If it wasn't clear before, can I just ask that mods stop repeating what they've learned from the hidden posts? I would greatly appreciate it. I really just want to move past this drama This is the last I'm saying about any of it. I'm a big heavy dude trying to balance himself on his expensive new toy in my bumpy urban environs, and have some of my own issues and questions that sometimes my closer friends can't help me with...
  6. Here's my story in a nutshell. I didn't realize the post was public (my fault for not checking, and posting my own information-- before I ultimately hid my comments). I made this bad assumption because the information that a mod revealed there seemed like something that would have been communicated privately. I didn't realize that a public doxxing was taking place. Again, my bad for not double-checking.
  7. I get that. I meant "client" in the sense that any NAT are still client-side from the perspective of the Internet server I'm connecting to. But anyway, I've taken this thread off-topic enough as it is It seems that the education about IP addresses was unnecessary. My bad.
  8. Thanks! yes, for me it starts as discomfort and turns into fatigue. I'm still working on moving my feet a bit while riding. I guess that is the best I can do. It's challenging when I'm so far forward already.. best I can do now is squeeze my toes
  9. That's the key thing, though. If you are just saying that mods & server admins can see our client IPs, then yes, I totally agree that that is simply fact. You have the ability to look us up. However, other people on the forum are not, and should not, be aware of each others' IP addresses.
  10. This is inaccurate, if stated without further qualification. IP addresses of servers with an endpoint on the public Internet are not private. IP addresses of client applications are only exposed to the servers or peers they are connecting to. Unless of course the server shares that information, or someone who admins it does. In the same vein, if I login to this forum with a password, it's (hopefully) transmitted to the server and not the rest of the server's users. If either of those things were leaked by the server, its' exposing non-public information about the client.
  11. Hi all! I'm relatively new to EUCs, started with a King Song 18XL a couple of months ago. From what I understand, the 10" pedals on the new King Songs are the largest in the biz, which is great for my size 12 US feet (EU size 46 I think?), from what I understand... but my feet still exceed the pedals, so I have to make some hard choices about where to put them I have found the greatest stability with my heels flush or nearly flush against the back of the pedal, as depicted below. The downside here is that the front of my toes have a hard time relaxing. Can others with long feet recommend any strategies to keep the feet better relaxed? How do you deal with this kind of thing?
  12. I've spent much more time as a cyclist here in Seattle. Reflecting on every encounter I've had with an entitled cyclist or car-driving twat, "I looooove you!!!" is the response I wish I had given. I think I'm going to try that next time.
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