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  1. How does the motor compare to the 2200W KingSongs? I was curious about torque / responsiveness / hill climbing.
  2. Well... I did it and ordered an MSP Since this is the KingSong forum I should mention that I still love my 18XL
  3. Nice to know what to check. I have always wondered how to tell what my safety margin was. I usually log in EUC World (and I see that inverter load value) but unfortunately not on the days that I got beeps. Definitely three beeps are what I heard. Except for the crash... I may have missed the last beep as I was catching air 😆 Thank you for asking. Yes, it was very minor. My knee and wrist guards let me slide without feeling much impact, but one elbow got some road rash. So now when Im not wearing the moto jacket the elbow pads always go on. Yikes. Good to know. Battery was around 80%. No incline. I think it was just an overeager start. I think you are on point with both of those ideas. I have been bumping into the limits lately, which is a little easier to do in general with the 18xl and the new 2200W motor, from my understanding. I rarely push it past 42km/h, but I'm a 108kg rider so that's the top for me.
  4. Im loving hard mode on 2.02. Coupled with a slight pedal tilt (-1), the access to torque is fun but... kind of scary. I'vebeen getting more of the tri-beep (not sure what that is... overlean warning??) and I was even thrown off my wheel from what I assume was an overlean from going hard from a stop, as I like to do. I need to figure out how to dial this back in a bit, but medium mode is mushy for me and not as comfortable for my hilly neighborhood.
  5. App shows the model as KS-18LH App shows -3.0 A and it is holding steady. I am using a 5A fast charger from ewheels, and the digital readout shows that it's at ~5.2A. Motherboard is 1.3 Original motor was 2000 W, I replaced it with 2200 W
  6. I heard a high pitched sound for several minutes before I gave up and restarted the wheel. The prompts are still there, just as before. Maybe I need to wait longer? I recorded the process with a full minute of the high pitched sounds, but I let this go for another 10 minutes or so before giving up. I'm not sure I'd this is the "dididi" sound or if something else should be playing. Could someone who has done this successfully take a look and compare? (Note that the high pitched sound just persists, you likely won't want to listen to the whole thing.)
  7. I got the same advice from Jason @ ewheels and upgrading to 2.0 firmware fixed it. As a temporary workaround until 2.0 came, I would just make sure to always be in a little bit of motion, even when holding onto a post or wall for support.
  8. Thanks! I think this would be the next thing for me to try. I've done something like this to a lesser extent to get up to cruising speeds or maintain speed in a turn. For sure. I'm only interested in achieving the faster speeds on stretches in ideal conditions, only when I have "full kit." (for me that's MTB Mips helmet, leatt axis knee guards, wrist guards, textile moto jacket, shoes with ankle support... really the only thing missing are full gauntlet gloves and butt protection.)
  9. This is probably what I'm doing as I squat quite a lot to keep my CoG lower to the ground. So much of riding is subconscious, it's fascinating sometimes but it also can drive me crazy
  10. Also running about 45psi and the hardest pedal mode
  11. I seem to be having trouble convincing my 18XL to go faster than 40km/h. I do weigh plenty (111kg or so, with all the kit) but looking at my euc.world tours, I am not pushing too much power to it either. (Like a max 10 amp, 1000w draw as I cruise at my normal cruising speed 32-35km/h on flat ground). What do you do to really make it go? What changes to your riding style do you make to push it harder? I leaning about as much as I feel I can comfortably lean. I've tried adjustments to my footing, but my feet are already long (size 12 US) so having half of my foot hanging off the front on the pedal isn't appealing. (I tend to line my heels to the back of the pedal so I already have a couple of inches of toe hanging off the front.) I recently tried turning my toes in a bit (from my default duck footed position) and that felt like it helped. Also I tried gripping the padding more, whereas before I avoided any feeling of the wheel pressing on my legs because I prefer to float it. With all of this, I have been able to accelerate faster, but somehow I hit a wall at 40km/h. I don't know about 50km/h, I would just like to be able to cruise at 40 and spike it to 45 maybe.
  12. I've had the same issue since the beginning with my 18xl. I guess I'll check the BT module next time I open it up...
  13. Not in Cap Hill, but starting from Olympic Sculpture Park, head to northwards on the bike trail which goes through a series of parks (Myrtle, Centennial, Elliot Bay) and goes further up to Interbay. Then crossing Ballard Locks, you can go up to Golden Gardens park or travel the Burke Gilman to Gasworks and UW and.... Ok I'll stop 😄
  14. I found that on my similarly heavy wheel that if I squat down it slows down pretty fast. I don't lean back to brake very much.
  15. I would watch this. I like to go cruise around and soak in the city and nature. I wonder, how would you capture ambient sound while riding? It feel wind would make that tricky, unless you are riding < 15mph
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