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  1. This does a reasonable job for less than $10.
  2. If your pressure dose not match your weight and activity it can definitely be a problem. I saw a V11 rim destroyed this weekend. The rider thought his pressure was at 35 (he said he had not checked it in while) and bent the rim badly on a curb. We check his tire pressure after the incident it was 18psi.
  3. I am at 24psi now and for me this made the wheel a real joy. I find I am riding it much more. Not as much as the Sherman, but I do appreciate what it is at a new level.
  4. My tire pressure was 35psi when I crashed. I have also found that higher tire pressures seem problematic on the S18. Currently riding with a pressure of 28psi.
  5. I ride with +1 tilt on medium mode for low speed riding and 0 tilt hard mode for higher speed riding.
  6. My S18 came with the Eakia tire. I think this tire tends to track lines in the surface a bit more than some other tires. The wobble started as the tire began to track imperfections in the road surface. The wobble very quickly became catastrophic. None of the techniques I have used successfully on other wheels to get wobbles under control made any difference, at all. I do feel that the suspension added to the rapid loss of control and severity of the wobble. The wobble seemed to have a “bouncing” component from the suspension that compounded the problem. My setup is directly by the Kingsong rec
  7. Crashed the S18 today at about 30mph. Started with a wobble and none of the techniques that I have used on other wheels could stop the madness. The S18 damage was fairly light considering the magnitude of the crash. Tolley handle and rods were destroyed and the rear panel was broken. The damage to my body was also light considering (a few cuts, bruises and scrapes). Wear that safety gear, it is a must at the speeds of the current wheels. Ride safe everybody!
  8. Here is the best method I have found: Lower the pressure to just a few pounds (enough to keep the tube puffy). Go around the tire bead and make sure it is free of the rim and that the tube is not pinched. This will allow you to easily move the tire and tube in or out on the rim as necessary. With the wheel laying on its side, place a straight edge (a carpenters square works well) on the floor perpendicular to the tread. Place the straight edge in slight contact with the highest spot on the tread. Look between the tread and the straight edge for high or low spots as you rotate
  9. My knobby tire is not even in height around the rim. No side to side wobble, but up and down (measured at the center of the tread). At first the difference was fairly big (like 1/4”) and unrideable above 20mph. I can get it perfect, but it won’t stay that way. About the best I can get it is a difference of 1/8” from highest to lowest. The highest area is right above the Kenda label. Is this normal? Do others see this in their knobby?
  10. I just received mine. Also with the wrong tire! What the hell? Months of waiting for the wrong tire... We all know what it takes to change it:(
  11. Same!! Received the mud guard yesterday.
  12. I had this same problem. Gotway app would no longer connect. IOS update 13.7 fixed this for me.
  13. How long did it take for the wheel to feel like an extension of your body? weeks, months…years…never has...
  14. I rode 6.5 miles this morning without a step-off! It is getting better!
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