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Just got an S18, is there a shortlist of tips for setup & modifications?

Dominic Winsor

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Hey there. I just got an S18 used with 50mi on the odometer. It’s my fifth wheel, though I presently own three. I will use it for cruising around, enjoying life... forest trails and fire roads. I have my Sherman for going fast so it isn’t for that!

I’ve dialled in the suspension for my weight, and have watched Duf’s video on reducing static friction, which I intend to do (lube the stanchions, shim the pivot bolts).

My shock is mounted upside down for ease of access, which seems ok given that it is an air shock.

Do you have any recommendations on how best to set up the wheel, and any key modifications that make it excellent? Is there anything I should look out for?


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Current list of mods below:

  *   front acceleration pads with soft inserts

  *   rear breaking pads with soft inserts

  *   pedal openers / legs cutting protectors

  *   power cable axis protector

  *   front bumpers

  *   shock saver – NEWEST mod – to save the shock from getting constantly dirty (to make shock life longer and wheel cleaner)

  *   mud guard

see this YT below and next ones on my channel for mods/review/tech info



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I got mine used, the assembly date is reported as 10.07.2020 by DarknessBot. I’ve no idea if that is a US date or a UK date (I’m in the UK) so it’s either the 7th October or the 10th July. I could check with EUC World but that will have to wait as the S18 makes a hell of a racket when any app connects over Bluetooth!

So I have no idea of batch number. 

it rides so nicely. It’s super quiet. Little bit of a shudder under heavy braking. Feels like it slightly tilts forwards over 22 mph or so. I didn’t buy it for speed. I’ve got the Sherman for that! 

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