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  1. Already well tested fast and super light charger 2,9 switchable to 6.1A, less than 500 grams (with the connector already as I have provided the connectors to the power supply producer) is available from WECTOR (please use google translator and send him the message with copy in Ukrainian language) see this thread
  2. According to one of the Ali dealers - in MSX switch shall work, they did not implement it yet due to the fact that it is costly to modify the mold. It shall be implemented in the future.
  3. If the switch is deactivated if You press this button while wheel is rotating (with ground speed 3km and above) - this seems to be working fine, Question is - why having this feature ready Gotway in fact did not use it yet on the wheels?
  4. Hello All, I was busy last days, but I have finalized finally charger connector design for Z10 . It include correct size professional grade pins approved up to 8A, and it has been redesigned to allow the cable output from the top (so that cable does not bend when connected), also to make the connector shorter and protect important part from bending/breaking easily Please pm on the email address visible on the pics.
  5. Hello All, Sorry for the late answer – I was on holidays away for two weeks without the access to the net (on the sea) And now have many emails to answer, etc. Please be so kind and pm me at a64 at interia.pl
  6. on Ali - so far quite reliable offer for Z10 parts - search for "Green and fashion travaling shop" https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Ninebot-one-Z6-Z10-Electric-unicycle-accessories-Motor-mainboard-controller-tire-handlebar-pads-battery-shell-charger/1908673_32922646414.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.5bc71e41sFVEKi
  7. Hello All, Z10 review after 3185 km... also some news about 6A fast charger + modified charge doctor
  8. Hi @stephen I am getting close to 3000 km with min 1000 km of distance made using fast 2,9 / 6 A fast charging - everything OK. I know at least one more user using this charger - no issues.
  9. Unicycle riding is still quite new activity open for development and ideas.... My designs are not limited only to the wheel itself, in fact I have realized that almost each piece of equipment I use is in some way modded.... see my winter riding gloves - they include two more printed parts - pebble time screen protector and rear view mirror mounting frame ;-) also radio control for helmet high beam lights and bell.
  10. Around 0 degrees Celsius... Somewhere in Krakow, Poland
  11. I have designed so far 3 mods for Z10 - pedal opener, button protector/light adjuster, and recently parking stability mod. Designs and tinkering takes time and effort, so for now they are available as ready printed ultra-pla parts, please contact me on a64@interia.pl for details. Maybe in some future this will end up getting published on Thingiverse, but it is too early for that.
  12. Yes, You can - just make sure that You check in charge doctor which pins are connected as + and - and when You cut the Z power supply cable - buy GX16 connector with 4 pins and make sure that polarity is correct when You solder the connector.... Just be careful not to mismatch the polarity!
  13. @stephen Final version of this charger is 2.9/6A - the one You are ordering - I was testing current limits gradually with constructor of the power supply, so that is why initial version was 5.2A We have also modified voltage threshold for high current charge etc.. (internal stuff not needed here)
  14. It would be good idea to follow this way - please try to make pedals similar to the original design shown on CES. Top part can be 3d printed insert to stick skateboard grip on it - i can desing and print the top part... bottom has to be machined from aluminium. Let us know the price, I will consider getting one set...
  15. Those Chinese bearings are not the highest quality, and for sure they are not sealed good enough... My friend had the misfortune with KS16S which fell into the river (always be careful when riding along the river/lake...) After 1/2 hour in muddy river water wheel was taken out from the 1.5 meter deep water... I had to dismantle it, also open the motor as it was half-full of water. In fact wheel survived relatively well - the only parts which needed replacement were controller board, one of the batteries (second one was sealed so well that water did not get inside at all) and front/back led lamps. The rest of the wheel survived - I had to clean it and dry everything for a week or two (It took not to long to get the parts directly from Kingsong.. maybe like 2 weeks) then I put it back together and the wheel was fine, EXCEPT that two weeks later I had to replace bearings - 6203RS as the water ingress caused them to get noisy and rust inside... So - keep the Chinese bearings far from water! I have passed 2700km on my Z10 - no issues so far, no noise from bearings.
  16. Hello @palachzzz great suspension (also workout)! on uneven terrain/snow holes/drops it is probably the only way to stay ON the wheel without being "expedited" high into the air which will end up in the crash.
  17. I confirm that there is no need to void any warranty seals when accessing front lamp. Just unscrew the side panels, unscrew and upper panels and base upper panels and you can replace the lamp. All can be done using hex key which was provided by NB in the box (the one to screw in the handle and mud guard) for inexperienced person - please reserve 2-3 hours of time. For experienced person it shall be no more than 1/2 h
  18. I would like to have 1400Wh in Z10, but as mentioned - it is slightly difficult to fit this battery inside. In fact I would also hesitate to compromise safety, as this will be experimental solution - I am not sure that I want to increase the risk.... For now I have found other solution - to reduce range anxiety - I got "the super light fast charger for Z10" - in case of longer summer trips - during lunch break it is possible to gain 20 km range in 1 hour (roughly 330Wh/h of charging) which solves my worries... see more here
  19. Hello @Afeez Kay @stephen - please write directly to Wector <wectorels@gmail.com> You can mention that You have the contact from Lukasz. If You will be interested in super small box for charge doctor - like I have used here - let me know - this is my design. (regular bigger universal charge doctor can be used of course - see it used on the thread
  20. Ninebot Z10 995 Wh battery is not the smallest one around, but... in the cold weather range of Z10 may be short for "power riders" Thanks to international cooperation I have obtained, customized and tested for around 1 month already very good and light fast charger - it solves the range anxiety issue really well: Switchable 2.9A / 6A current for normal/fast charging - in fast mode it offers around 330Wh/h of charging - which is 3 times faster than the original 120W charger, Low mass - with all cables and integrated charge doctor 630 grams only (which is less than original 2A charger which is 660 grams) Balancing function - at the end of the charge power supply still offers 0,6A current to allow BMS to balance cells - see pictures for balancing process Full specification: - max power 9,3A / 700W (not used for Z10 as it may over strain cables/connectors/bms) - efficiency - 93% - weight approx. 450 grams (550 gr with cables without charge doctor) - size 150x92x52 mm, - Two-speed fan solution for quiet operation : full speed of the fan is in high current mode / quiet mode in half power - at end of the charge (quiet Sunon fan used) - thermal protection, protection against short circuit output. - indication of modes (ON, charge, charge finished) - trimmer for fine tuning the output voltage. - high efficiency / resonant topology, board varnished for extra protection. - charge mode CC-CV - Input (mains) voltage range 190-260 V (EU), EU Power cord length - 1.5m. - Output cable (flexible, silicone) - 0.8m The charger is supplied, by default without an output connector. - Warranty - 1 year. - cost around 150 USD with shipment to anywhere in Europe (this price does not include charge doctor nor Ninebot connector) * the project is custom-made, this is not a certified/commercial product. on the picture below - there is even more powerful 1200W model (too strong for Z model, but good for electric bikes or 2400Wh Gotway)
  21. Ninebot Z has the possibility to be parked using the handle base, however this does not provide really stable position. Thanks to one of the Z users suggestion I have developed "stability mod" which offers: Widens the standing/support base by over 50 mm in total (almost 27 mm per side) changing the force needed to trip the wheel on the side from 0,1kg - to around 1kg ! (so 10 times - however those measurements were made using small handheld scale attached to the top of the trolley handle - so are not precise) - this changes the stability a lot - wheel even when slightly pushed stays upright instead of falling immediately. Protect floor from scratching - base of the original handle is sharp aluminum edge - with my mod this edge is separated from the floor Mod may protect the lower part of the handle from major scratches / bending in case of crash (untested - no crashes on my side so far... ;-) ) Easy and quick to install – no special tools required. Mod is printed from strong Ultra-PLA plastic in matt black - matching Z colors well. If anybody is interested - please email me at a64@interia.pl This is the third mod I have designed for the Ninebot Z wheel - after earlier pedal openers mod and switch protector/front lamp regulator mod.
  22. Hello Afeez - so far so good - power supply works great - please have initial look at the pics below - more new soon in my Ninebot Z10 - power supply Charge Doctor mod thread
  23. Thank You a lot for positive comments ! for the openers and switch protector - please be so kind and PM me using a64 at interia.pl
  24. If somebody is interested in the custom Pebble Time screen protector which I have designed visible on the video below - please PM me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJtpDY1CSls
  25. Hello All, Riding unicycle (Ninebot Z10) in winter/snow in the city.
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