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  1. It gets better and better with time. I'm over 700 mi into mine and it still surprises me with how good it is.
  2. Hmm don’t you mean that time *you* raced… Anyway. I’m such a child. I have to overtake cyclists of any kind. At speed. Uphill. It’s the law!
  3. Hey. I had a Zero 10x 60v scooter. Insane machine, and a lot of fun. I modified the suspension to have a proper oil damped shock at the front and a nice air shock at the back so it rode perfectly. However, it was heavy and I think slower than the Sherman overall. Although it had 10” wheels and the shocks you can’t get up as big bumps as with the Sherman, and when things get wet the scoot can slip out from under you so it wasn’t much fun in the woods when it was wet. I sold mine and basically have used the Sherman for everything since. Except commuting. I had an MCM5 v2 for that. Whic
  4. Time to own up! I did rather rush the reinstallation of my shell and manage to screw partially through the negative battery wire, as it wasn’t properly tucked in Fortunately, no major harm done. I used a ‘butt joint connector’ to cut and splice the wire back in, and secure them to the trolley handle with some Velcro to prevent it happening again. Oops. Loose wires lose lives! I agree, the shell seems pretty rigid even with the mod.
  5. 720 miles so far. Light surface corrosion on the bearing. No other issues.
  6. I've just done mine now. Hopefully all is well from now on!
  7. I watched Adam's (Wrong Way) latest video about his broken Sherman last night, where he has the same issue 'bt_LoY'… and a thought occurred. If you have hard side pads like Clarke Pads and similar, these press the case lower down, and when the wheel falls on its side more impact will be transferred into the battery case. Looking at my own Sherman, which has soft foam pads from 'EUC Custom Power-Pads', these are mounted higher up (link: my insta), and my leg never touches the affected area. I also think the area would be unaffected if you didn't have pads at all. I will make the modif
  8. Hi @Rawnei this is an interesting thread. What was the error you are applying a correction to? Was it reporting too fast or too slow, and against what benchmark? I haven't set any current alarms in my Sherman yet, but I will give this a go now as I think it quite sensible.
  9. Voltage ≠ mileage My Sherman drops like this too. But then it sits around 70-80% for miles and miles and miles… Three things to consider. Voltage measurement accuracy adds a lot of variance as others have stated. The Lithium Ion voltage discharge curve is not linear. It is normal for it to drop faster, then level out, then drop faster again. Voltage varies a lot depending on load. What's interesting to me is that creating a link between voltage and range/capacity is as much a game of psychology as it is physics. I worked on the design of the Onewheel Community E
  10. You know, you can tilt any wheel that is doing this the other direction. For example, if it's spinning forwards, tilt it back until it slows to a stop and then set it down. That's what I do, works well. That said, as I see from your write up there aren't many of us lifting our Shermans!
  11. I tried strong. It feels nice, but medium has a nice blend of the floating feeling and the acceleration feeling!
  12. 2.6 is coming, but when is it coming? I must have checked every other day for an update!
  13. This is an excellent observation. I wish more people were this self aware when reviewing!
  14. I’m selling my GotWay (Begode) MCM5 V2 - 800wh, 84v, with just 121 miles of use, and never in the wet. I have too many wheels. Purchased 27 Nov 2020 for commuting etc. but I subsequently got the S18 which I often find myself taking out in preference despite it being a larger wheel. This is a 14” wheel, agile, super amounts of torque and a ton of fun. Probably the perfect wheel to learn on too. I will remove stickers cleanly if preferred. Free delivery in London/Hants/Surrey/ Berks etc. Offers in region of £700-750 please. Original charger and manual supplied. V
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