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  1. Spoke to my father about this — he reminded me that depends on the LED driver, but some of them run a constant-current setup.
  2. Now I do love a bit of research but sometimes I dive in with both feet first. In my case, I did the latter. I guess you could reduce the current flow slightly with a resistor inline? Part of the reason for my cavalier attitude was "those AliExpress lights are never as powerful as the sellers advertise so it should be ok". I've run this continuously for about 20 hours now and no adverse issues. Top of my head - 12v/2A = 6Ω resistance. So adding 2Ω resistance would bring that down to 1.5A: i.e. 12v/8Ω = 1.5A - probably more to it than that as I'm not an expert by any stretch! You shou
  3. Still working perfectly. No issues to report from me. YMMV
  4. I've run it for a few hours now and all seems well.
  5. In my experience most lights do throw light in a somewhat antisocial way. So I usually just tilt it down when I’m going through the roads. When I get to the trails I tilt it back up to where I want it. A grid or snoot would be a clever solution but only to the first part. I actually want a broad beam to see the low branches and other obstacles when I am off-road. Where did you get that image?
  6. I disassembled them and then put them back together. There is a silicone gasket. Now the screws are tight, they do appear to be weather sealed.
  7. After seeing the compact quad LED Lights on the KingSong scooter that Adam reviewed in his Wrong Way videos I wondered if something like that might be available on AliExpress… I’ve tried lots of different lights with my Sherman, all sourced from AE, but most often I return to the OEM front light as making custom brackets and squeezing in over sized lights isn’t best in the long run. There are others that fit, but have a weird beam pattern for off road riding. This mini quad light fits perfectly - it lines up with the original bracket and just screws straight in. No faff. Easier than
  8. Indeed the Onewheel is actively balanced. It also does the same thing when connected to a generic AliExpress charger (I tried with a YZPOWER brand). For the Sherman… I have one of these adjustable 100.8v chargers coming from Afeez at E-Rides, as I don't fully trust the OEM charger from Veteran. The fans on mine sound like they are on their last legs. I intend to use this adjustable charger at or below 5A as it is often a day between rides and I've never been down below 55% yet… Personally, I tend to leave my Sherm on charge permanently as it gets ridden often enough but even after
  9. Well said. The pack vs. individual cell thing needs to be better understood. Most chargers are completely dumb, and the green light is not an indicator of anything other than the voltage it us outputting. As I understand it, the light is red whilst the voltage is low and once it is above a threshold it turns green. I.e. it just provides the necessary volts and amps. It is the BMS on-board that is continuously balancing (I think). I suffered a critical failure on my Onewheel XR when my pack had a weak cell at 100% charge. I slowed down, the voltage spiked and I was in free-fall. I sho
  10. I have a V1 Sherm… LK170… it has no sealant, and I ride it in all weathers. Every time I have opened it up its dry, so the labyrinth setup seems to work pretty well.
  11. Firstly, translating to my preferred units so I can help… in my 25.5°C house, indicates a 46ºC degree temperature its about 30°C outside, On my last few rides around town I have seen temps around 76°C. I weigh about 108 kg on the wheel. I have a V1 Sherman, and this largely correlates with my own experience. I weight about the same as you. The temps on the wheel jump up from ambient to around 40–50ºC (104–122ºF) whenever it is on and idle and during light riding. I was riding this weekend in hills in 30ºC temperatures and the temp climbed to 61ºC (140 F) at
  12. Cheers! I will message you whenever there is an update.
  13. Press the Ok button for 8 or more seconds. Basically keep it pressed past beep 09:26 on this video for help
  14. Thanks NIck. I've updated the OP
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