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  1. Hi! Nope — the only thing I did was put some gorilla tape over the top of the display and buttons on the top of the wheel. I had some epic downpours here in the UK whilst riding this wheel. It seems pretty well put together IMO. I wouldn't drop the wheel in water but its ok going through puddles and the rain.
  2. Well the good news is there’s no water anywhere it shouldn’t be! I opened up my case to check all the bolts and see how the case is holding up to the wet weather and muddy trails I’ve been riding. I’m pleased to report that the Sherman has done very well so far: No water in the battery cases Slight bearing rust on outer case All bolts were tight (I added loctite on reassembly anyway) I lost a screw from the metal frame (seriously - self tappping wood screws??? They don’t bite into anything! So I filled that hole with hot glue, screwed into that. Sealed the screw d
  3. I just use the standard tyre and take it out in all weather. We haven’t had snow yet but it has been absolutely fine in really wet, deep mud so I see no reason why the standard tyre wouldn’t also work in snow. You might not do so well on ice.
  4. Thanks @Seba - I’ve gone premium now. Totally worth it. a thought... I would love it if the alarms played over Bluetooth were not continuous. Alarm 1 and 2 should be 1 beep and two beeps. Alarm 3 should go crazy and keep running. I want a hint that I’ve gone over a certain speed but not to continuously drown out my music. It is only the final alarm I think needs the “slow down!”
  5. Has anyone else had this? I have occasionally noticed that EUC World shows a negative distance sometimes. It might be the Sherman actually. I think I saw a negative value on its display - happens when it’s been on charge for a week or so. I got this android watch cheaply, and I LOVE it for EUC world. It is brilliant. Definitely going to support the project, so thank you to the development team.
  6. Yes — I might well do that. The control board is SUPER easy to access. Look at the post on this forum on doing a firmware update to see how quickly you can get in there.
  7. Haha yes — and I've crashed it down a hill a few times, they're still working fine! @UniGrad if you are experienced with electronics I'd love it if you could help me out — can you take a look at the control board and see whether there is in fact a relay that is used to switch the main light on and off? I suspect that if there is, mine is fused shut due to my accidental short, hence the lights are permanently on and not switchable by either the button or an app. If I can't have it repaired, a new control board is about £300 GBP. So I will probably just live with it! Also, here's my orig
  8. Just a quick update — these are going strong. Perfect for me. I am running just the two lights. Three was weird, and didn't really help.
  9. I replied with this on the Facebook post of this thread: I have shorted my front headlight accidentally whilst making a new front light. I had made four prototypes before I accidentally shorted the flashing light circuit to ground. Now my light is permanently on, so I have to unplug the connector whenever I don't want lights. However, the short did NOT cause a cutout. The wheel continued to balance just fine. On the plus side I have a custom light that combines a nice far throw with a wide spread so I have good all round lighting. It's not a major inconvenience for me, and I s
  10. Yup. Same. Manhandled the tyre until it was running true enough. Got an FW upgrade. Perfect since.
  11. Isn't it just? It's so smooth, yet so capable. Love it. It works really nicely on the trails too. I found out at the weekend that it doesn't work so well on really wet mud… it was like clay.
  12. I made a really basic wooden stand, same design I have for all my wheels... 3/4” ply cut to width and height.. glued and screwed so it’s strong. Works fine. The Sherman one I made is a little right so sometimes I have to put my foot on the stand to lift it off so I may trim it a little. Here it is: https://imgur.com/gallery/imyHdCM external link because iPhone photos are too large for the forum’s file size limit.
  13. The lights were constant brightness when all three were powered. They are 10W each.
  14. I've posted a set of nice lights on this other topic, and some detailed info about them. They work really well, and I think for me an improvement over the stock lights which are very tightly focussed spot with little spill. I wanted a good spread in addition to the far sight — a combo that gives early warning of potholes down below, and low-hanging trees above as well as plenty of time to plan ahead at speed. I was never a fan of the strobe lights. As you'll see in that post, I also made a dumb-ass mistake but it isn't the end of the world.
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