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Convert logs to tours in EUC World


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Months ago I used to turn logging on at the start, and off when I finished, and then go to the web UI on the logs page and have it convert them to a tour.  For several months now, this feature doesn't seem to exist.  Looks like it hasn't worked for me since July.  Since that was my primary way of using it, I stopped using the app.

What happened to that feature?  Is it premium now?  I've been thinking of donating, but I don't want to donate and then find out that my use case is still not supported.

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Is disabled because cheating(or some other eason).

Now is automatic if you respect all requirments:

If eucworld have location and BT on you tour record aka LOG and when conect wifi si uploaded to tour. (or you have online BT and location and tour upload inmediatly after you stop tour) Is only on you what setup app you like/prefer.

Important is before you star eucworld/tour start google map or something what actualize you location in API i use GPS STATUS(android app) or just start google map and wait when you are localized (small circle). 

Because if you start eucworld in home without full gps synchronization upload fail/blocked/not possible and you LOG never turn into tours(log be on site) this hapend me manytimes 3 betas ago (costme some time when i find way how "fix" this or what cause this "error" i am part of beta team). Is alredy reported on SLACK and @Sebanever answer this if is feature or bug. Then is feature. Log is upload always turn into tours only if oyu make steps i write here:

Again simple as posible : You want log you NEED actual location ON bluetooth ON BEFORE start eucworld or tour. If is all good you simpy recognise on eucworld map is icon and map.

All other ways go to fail and you never see tour on web that is how work now.

Good luck and enjoy eucworld like i do. Sorry for chaos post but this can fix you " problem".

Buy premium if this app make you happy.    

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Maybe tours gave me the impression they're less stable early on (say, April 2020), whereas logs tend to die less?  I'm not blaming the software here, it could be my phone (Moto G5+).  I haven't tried using tour on the app lately. I'll try it.

I think in the back of my mind, I wanted to have logs available in case I wanted to analyze them offline later, and I thought this way I'd have both the log and the nice tour view.  I've never actually done that, but I might some day.  I guess if Tour is as stable as logs, and I can get a log from a tour somehow, I'd have no reason for my default use case.

Tour mode on the app really may be fine.  I'll try it.  Thanks!

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