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  1. Maybe tours gave me the impression they're less stable early on (say, April 2020), whereas logs tend to die less? I'm not blaming the software here, it could be my phone (Moto G5+). I haven't tried using tour on the app lately. I'll try it. I think in the back of my mind, I wanted to have logs available in case I wanted to analyze them offline later, and I thought this way I'd have both the log and the nice tour view. I've never actually done that, but I might some day. I guess if Tour is as stable as logs, and I can get a log from a tour somehow, I'd have no reason for my default use
  2. Months ago I used to turn logging on at the start, and off when I finished, and then go to the web UI on the logs page and have it convert them to a tour. For several months now, this feature doesn't seem to exist. Looks like it hasn't worked for me since July. Since that was my primary way of using it, I stopped using the app. What happened to that feature? Is it premium now? I've been thinking of donating, but I don't want to donate and then find out that my use case is still not supported.
  3. Those look nice, @jonm42. If I'm not mistaken, the Viking ones cost 1/6 as much, and are still CE rated (though it doesn't say class A). I'm sure there is a difference. I'm wondering what the Viking ones are "good enough" for.
  4. @Marty Backe, how do you like the jacket? Seems like a good value if it's enough protection. I'm looking for something to wear for a 6 or 12 mile commute through town, probably 25-30mph. Do you think one of these is enough, or does that call for something more, i.e. body armor? It'd be nice to have something cool / ventilated for the summer, that's easy to take off when I get there.
  5. b00k3


    Thanks! I see what you mean. I've been favoring softer surfaces because my knee protection is still in the mail, and I'm trying not to scratch up my pedals when I crash. But I did try some pavement today. Wow. That was much easier. Suddenly it all works on day 4.
  6. I've been going to a local high school to practice on their astroturf. I figured it made sense. It's smooth, but also soft for all the times I'm jumping off my wheel. No pedal-scrapes. After about 40 minutes of this, I could kind of ride straight for 50 yards if I was lucky. The next day I was practicing on a nearby grass field -- baseball / soccer. I found it much easier there, even though it was a very bumpy lawn. I could ride pretty straight, control curves, reach 12mph no problem. I thought my mind had just learned overnight. It felt like a breakthrough. Next day, I go back t
  7. Videos of the V10 were what sparked my interest about 6 months ago. If I had a chance to test-drive all of these, I could see myself easily talked into the V10 or V10F. I see the comparison the same way you describe it. My current commute is 0 miles, so I've got plenty of time to play around and learn this thing. Really looking forward to it!
  8. A King Song 18XL. Probably not a typical first choice EUC, but in my situation there likely won't be a 2nd wheel or an upgrade any time soon. I haven't ridden one before. I just researched the heck out of it for features / design that appealed to me, and watched for what people hardly ever upgrade from. It was a tough choice. I hope I like it! I think I will. I did consider your Nikola, @EUC NW. Looks sweet; just wanted a KS.
  9. Alright. I just submitted my order. Thanks for the reassurance. Really cool to hear from locals.
  10. I'm thinking of picking up a wheel to commute with, in Beaverton/Hillsboro. Just wondering how people in the area are able to use theirs. Any problem riding in the bike lane? Do the police have an opinion on EUC's these days?
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