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Riding with dogs!

Elliott Reitz

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Anyone else like to ride with dogs?  This was my ride today. 

I did a search for dogs but it was all people being scared of being chased.  Well these 2 dogs can run 25 mph with me so unless you've got a fast wheel, forget about out running a fast dog.  lol. 

Seems a good place to invite anyone else who rides with a dog to share! 

My ride is the KS S18 with a KS262 tire (minus most of the fender to fit).



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My two little Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross wouldn't be able to keep up, however one loves hanging her head out the window in the car so we're training them to be OK with carrier backpacks so my partner and I can carry them on rides.



See if you can guess which one likes it better.

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Hi there folks, first time posting on the forums. Been hanging around for a few months while waiting on my wheel to arrive. 

Here is a vid of me and my dog Mini enjoying a casual ride along the Monterey coast. 

She absolutely loved it!!! 


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