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Ice road?

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1 minute ago, Adamadam said:

Is it safe to use euc on a ice road?

If you'r great at balancing and drive very carefully - maybe? I would not dare ;)

Maybe it works with spikes - here are some older reports about putting studs on tires.

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Studs on your tire and pedals definitely help... maybe instead of your pedals use shoe studs so you have traction when you step or run off. Go slow, no quick movements. Sharp turns won’t be happening! Then it’s lots of fun!

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I'm not sure anything on wheels can be said to be "safe" on ice but for me, I use a fat bike as my standard. If a fat bike on road or knobbies can traverse it, then an EUC on equivalent tire will generally do it as well. 

IMO the wheel is arguably better than a bike in that wheels have abs built-in & it doesn't quite steer the same as bikes so generally, the tire will be less prone to sliding. 

Ofcos studded tires are THE way to go on ice. 

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