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EUC History?


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37 minutes ago, houseofjob said:

Depends on your definition of "first EUC" :lol:

Thanks...interesting. I know there was some guy back in the 1930’s who invented one wheeled self balancing..by gyroscope, vehicles. I thought the euc as we know it, must have come out of Segway. It was the idea of a device that you stood up on. Seated is the obvious way to go initially...but standing, that needed a bit of lateral thinking. So, Shane Chen I guess was probably that person! 

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Dean Kamen (founder of Segway) does have a patent for a self balancing one wheeled vehicle that predates Shane Chen’s, but Dean envisioned binding your legs to the pedals. Chen took the binders off and created today’s EUC. He also created the market for power pads, jump pads and studded pedals.

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