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F.J. Abaya

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Hello everyone,
I have an old Gotway V3S+ 1600wh (5yrs old with approx 2k miles) It’s making this noise. Anybody know what’s wrong with it? Is it safe to ride? I’m trying to see if it’s worth fixing it or selling the whole EUC (as is) or selling just the batteries. 


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I think you should check the tightness on the screws that hold the motherboard and the pedal hangers. If anything gets loose then the accelerometer that detects balance will start to vibrate the motor as it tries to compensate. Even if it's not this, it should only take 10 mins to remove the side covers and check.

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I think that selling batteries with 2k miles on them is dicey. Try and give it a fix and if that doesnt help, perhaps sell it as parts? Its gna be hard to get much out of it if its not in good working order. If its in good working order, you wouldnt sell it anyhow. Open that badboy up, check things over and wish for the best. After 2k miles, it wouldnt hurt to look it over internally and check all screws and the board for corrossion. No matter how it goes, youll at least be able to honestly inform a perspective buyer of what you saw. My mten makes a similar sound sometimes. It turned out to merely be case rattle and it stopped when I stand on it. Eventually it quit doing it altogether. Im aligning with @mike_bike_kite on this one. Seems to be more related to its balancing than tire rolling. COuld simply be a loose board, telling the acceleromters bad things. Or even more simple a loose pedal hanger/case mount. Good luck with it for sure!  *fwiw, its a gotway, NONE are safe to ride :P

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