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  1. I leaned my sherman against the wall and when I grabbed it, it died and won’t turn on. I opened her up and I see a red blinking light on the mother board and the back lights are blinking very faintly. Someone suggested to check the fuses and it seem to be intact. Another suggested to replace the LCD panel, which I did with another LCD panel and it still wouldn’t turn on. Any ideas how to fix this? p.s. I rode pass a lawn sprinkler and a very few water drops got on it. It didn’t get drench because I hate my shoes getting wet so I made sure I rode at the very edge of the sidewalk.
  2. Last Saturday I had a flat tire with my Sherman and I had to change the inner Tube. I looked at the tire for puncture marks and I didn’t see any. This is the reason. Luckily I was only going 10-13mph on the sidewalk. I can just imagine what could have happen if I were on the street going 35mph. I reported the incident with Jason and he sent me a couple of inner tubes for free. What a stand up guy.
  3. I have two 800wh batteries from Gotway and I’m thinking of selling it on eBay. Do you guys know how much it would cost to ship it across the U.S.? Is it with USPS, UPS, Or FEDEX The batteries came from my V3S+ with 2k miles. It holds about 85% charge. Do you think $600 for both is fair?
  4. I actually opened it up and it was the motherboard screws not tight enough. It’s not longer vibrating and working great. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Hello everyone, I have an old Gotway V3S+ 1600wh (5yrs old with approx 2k miles) It’s making this noise. Anybody know what’s wrong with it? Is it safe to ride? I’m trying to see if it’s worth fixing it or selling the whole EUC (as is) or selling just the batteries.
  6. I’ve owned 2 gotways, V3S+ and MSX and both have been great. I’ve ridden my gotways in the PNW weather, rain and snow and it’s been flawless.
  7. Will an MSP tire fit MSX rim? Anybody know where I can buy the tire state side?
  8. I have an older V3S+ with 1600wh batteries. Can I change the controller to the MSX 84V?
  9. This is what I wear during the summer and it’s been great for me so far. https://www.bohnarmor.com/product/all-season-airtex-armored-riding-shirt-black/
  10. I just bought this one so I can transfer it from one jacket to another. I hope it works well. https://anseris.com/products/torch-coat-heater
  11. I use the older insta 360 one that shoots only 4K. I’m very happy with mine, There is a newer version, insta 360 one X that shoots 5.7k. It’s resonantly priced compared to the go pro 360.
  12. Does anybody know any news regarding new 2020 wheels? Any leaked info or rumors? Is the iPhone 12 included in every purchased?
  13. I don’t hear about them anymore. Any developments?
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