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  1. I just bought this one so I can transfer it from one jacket to another. I hope it works well. https://anseris.com/products/torch-coat-heater
  2. I use the older insta 360 one that shoots only 4K. I’m very happy with mine, There is a newer version, insta 360 one X that shoots 5.7k. It’s resonantly priced compared to the go pro 360.
  3. Does anybody know any news regarding new 2020 wheels? Any leaked info or rumors? Is the iPhone 12 included in every purchased?
  4. I don’t hear about them anymore. Any developments?
  5. Why not wear protection when you’re going to push the limits of your EUC?
  6. I taught my son when he was 7 years old how to ride my old Ninebot One E+. Our family goes out on rides exploring Seattle. When my daughter is older, I plan on teaching her to ride a Segway mini pro. Until then she’s stuck with the hoverboard/cart ?
  7. What would happen if you buy a used wheel and the previous owner didn’t get it from an official channel? Are sh1t out of luck?
  8. Btw, when I took off the original board, the mounts were detached from the shell. Only one out of the four were imtact. I took a heavy duty glue to re attach them and I also secured the rubber trim around the opening. I don’t know if this helped but I figure I’d report it in to you guys ??
  9. im Not sure if the wires need better insulation or if it’s putting some sort of stress to the other wires connected to the board. I don’t know what they are called but they have a white substance on them. They are black and red wires.
  10. I left the wires untucked and put the cover on. Do you guys think that’s okay?
  11. IT WORKS!! I took everybody’s advice and I re installed the board with the other screws and secure the rubber trip and IT WORKS! (Happy dance). When I tucked the wires in, it would cut out and there are multiple beeps. I had to disconnect the battery cable to reset. For now I simply did not tuck the wires in. Is that okay? Even though I have the flu, I wanted my EUC to work so I went ahead and muster all the energy I had to fix my Gotway. Now it’s time for ed but at least I have a smile on my face ?
  12. Thanks everyone for the advice. I will do my best to fix the connection and connector as soon as I’m feeling better. I woke up this morning having the flu. I will let you guys know as soon as I can.
  13. How do I replace the axle shims? What do they look like?
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