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V11 Lower Shock Chamber air attachment point issue

Martin Bialy

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Hey Guys,

Sorry to everyone having bearing issues, seems like something that could be fixed with higher quality bearings.... As opposed to finding another solution to cover the bearings.

My V11 has been flawless, so far... I was just checking to see what the pressures were in my lower chamber, and one of the two lower shocks started screwing further into the shock when I tried to tighten the nozzle onto the threading. Does anyone know how the internals of the shock are constructed? Which parts can I grab with a wrench/threading a nut onto the attachment point? Any exploded diagrams or CAD models of the V11?


Thanks for any help

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Funny you mention this. I got mine back from repairs and noted that the valve stem is flush with the bottom of the left shock but about 1/4 of an inch recessed on the right shock. Didn't notice before. Does not seem to impact performance. I didn't screw it in more myself. Or maybe I did?


Is this what you mean?

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2 hours ago, Martin Bialy said:

Yep!! I was able to retighten it to 1/4" inside the lip of the shock, but I'm worried something else is loose up higher. Seems like we both have that loose screw when tightening on a pump.

Agreed!  That worries me. I'm surprised it's holding air. 


When you unscrew a pump is it going to just come back out?

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I have disassembled the system many times. The bottom cup (26mm hex nut) is just threaded on the air shock’s valve’s threads.

However, the bottom part of the shock (the one with the valve) is not fixed to the shock tube and it does slide into the shock once deflated. I don’t know how it would behave when the shock tube has the ability to move up & down in bumps.

I would deflate the bottom chamber in question and unscrew the shock’s bottom cap. Once the cap is free, tighten it onto the shock valve’s threads (pump air into the shock if you need more room), and reassemble the bottom cup.

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