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  1. Yeah, making some 3d printed piece that mounts to those 2 bolts, and then some pads on that that are separated from the main body, would work fine.
  2. Everyone keeps talking about how you can't jump the V11 because it doesn't have the right pads. It seems there is an easy solution to this. Put on pads!! There are mounting points, and plenty of room on the saddle for pads it seems. Am I missing something?
  3. Super interested in this! I live in San Luis Obispo, but have family that lives in OC and could come grab it. The market up here in slo is quite dry!! Looking to learn on pretty much this while waiting for my main wheel to come. Let me know how to get in contact! Martin
  4. A buddy of mine lives in downtown Chicago. He ended up coming out here to California to train; I don't think he ever flies in Illinois! It's a similar thing with Los Angeles area, there is absolutely nowhere to fly because of how many airports there are, and how crowded it is in general. After looking at http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/air-space-map/, it seems like there is plenty of free airspace, it's just that there are too many people! No open places to take off safely! On a quick google search: http://midwestparajet.com/contact-us/ that place is 55 minutes from you! I always recommend people to go with a school as opposed to self teaching. There is so much that can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing, but if you learn in a controlled manner, you can keep yourself quite safe. I've seen someone launch a paramotor off of their EUC, they just left it behind when they took off. It was pretty amazing to watch. Shenanigans of desert flying
  5. Hey there EUC family, I'm new to the community, and have been lurking for a while. I was first introduced to electric vehicles of these sorts with the OneWheel. I am an avid paraglider/paramotor pilot, and there is a large overlap between people who fly, and people who like electric vehicles of all sorts. All my flying buddies have onewheels, so naturally, I went with what everyone else around me was doing. I got a OneWheel. I've been riding it for about a year now (love it), had my fair share of nosedives powering up a hill (I STILL LOVE IT), and a few months ago, I saw youtube videos of Chooch riding an EUC through a mountain trail. All my Onewheel buddies have always said that the onewheel is the way to go for off-roading, but from the videos I've watched, and these new suspension wheels coming out, I don't think that's true! I've been super itchy to try an EUC, but where I live (San Luis Obispo, CA) there doesn't seem to be a large community (or any, that I've seen). All the rental websites seem to be devoid of people in my area willing to rent. So I thought I might try to see if I could link up with anyone on here that is in the Central Coast. Anybody on here got a nice padded V8F or Mten3 that they love to teach newbies on?? Or recommendations on a good cheap way to get into it? I usually like to skip the beginner models so that I am playing with something that I can progress through a large chunk of the hobby on. I did it with motorcycles, I did it with paragliders, and I would love to do it with my EUC. I'm leaning towards the V11. Thanks, and super excited to start shredding the forward stance.
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