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  1. I agree with you minus your absurd statement that this test is akin to a “licked finger in the wind”. No it isn’t. It’s not perfect but it’s not a guess either. Once you try to get the test “perfectly just” you will fail because there is no way to do a perfect test on a wheel. First one being - does the road look flat or is proven 100% flat? Second being altitude. Can’t factor that out either. I don’t ride a wheel in a science lab I ride on the road and this real world data from Duf is good enough for me.
  2. I thought it would charge while riding. Seeing two opinions...anyone actually have this?
  3. Thank you! That’s a future mod for me. Better to put my money into this than a car (and cheaper) will be getting the panels dipped at some point too.
  4. Did I read correctly somewhere that the final rim of black or did I make that up?
  5. Good thing this doesn’t look like gold at all. Both fake gold and gratuitous gold look nothing like this either. If anything this looks like a light bronze/darker tan. and I think it looks much better with the black matte than the silver.
  6. Put my preorder back in. They’ve acknowledged the flaws and offered acceptable fixes on paper. Not looking for perfection on the first rendition just trust the thing isn’t a ticking time bomb. Enough of us are buying to get our feedback into action and I’ll take that. watching people leap 6”-12” off the ground from a flat road did it for me. Kingsong you are clever... I’m in
  7. Kingsong - please upgrade to a pro version unlockable in app (put warning and double click or firmware upgrade, whatever)...35MPH to 50% battery power...come on and code this. That’s huge. I’d take it for a little bit rather than not have it at all.
  8. But they employ this guy...
  9. All I want to see is this thing take a tumbling high speed event in stride. I have this nightmare scenario in my head where I’ve fallen off the wheel and it’s rolling down a hill like a coin rolling off a table top throwing panels as far as the eye can see. glad to see they increased the clip thickness
  10. This is a rare event now. Used to be much more prone to these before tech caught up. Yes tilt back will kick you back but some wheels you can disable and some you can’t. I can easily feel tilt back in my KS16.
  11. I like this approach too. A special unlockable pro version. Folks there still is a safety margin, it just changes the algorithm on how the wheel reacts to battery changes over time (changes throttling structure). I’m not trying to ride at 35, I’m trying to ride at 30 with headroom which is in fact safe. I cannot imagine the fix could be that expensive. A couple days worth of labor for their coder? Maybe at max two weeks? It’s a powerful motor it can handle it.
  12. Ah I see we are back to comparing these two wheels again. I see both sides of the argument. I’m going to wait for you guys to ride them both and tell me which one I should buy. I cancelled the preorder but if it works out S18 seems the right choice. v11just got a pro mode that flashes it to 35MPH top speed. I know I’m in the minority, but I would like to cruise around 30 on roads as needed. Kingsong can you do this as well? Just a software upgrade - cheap and this would be very sweet...
  13. Speed is more important than safety for many. That is until you take your first fall at 35MPH and listen to the sound of your snapping bones. I won’t disagree that there are a few that go through even that and yearn for more. The rare among us - and the most brave. I’ve learned my lesson. I agree however that that video is an extreme test that shows one aspect of safety and even with suspension I would still bend my legs slightly on a bump like that. For instance, watching a video on the Veteran I see that braking is incredibly difficult. You sacrifice the weight for stopping power and it would suck to careen into a car at 42mph. There are many aspects to safety. As a counterpoint I will say however that kuji pads absolutely helps my riding skill and if INMOTION can figure out how to mount them on the V11 they would have a leg up from their current position.
  14. This is a great review. Notes no major problems except for the front plastic cracking from it hitting the ground. Suspension held up well. Looks like they are under the impression for most a one time setting should be all that is necessary. Tallness is the unit causes it to fly forward if the motor is disengaged. I like how the Veteran tried to solve resiliency issues with the metal bars (although they put the front light outside of the bars and it cracked off in a review. Sigh). Like a roll cage on a car, that takes the impact and saves the plastic. As these designs morph I think we will see more of that.
  15. The most interesting part of the article was the video of the Gotway Suspension prototype at the bottom...40+ miles per hour with suspension sounds fun as hell. (Is that an MSX?) if I were GotWay I would take note of what happened here and refine the hell out of it first before I sent it out for reviews.
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