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  1. Well - I reset the temperature to 190F (87C) alarm in EUC world. Blew straight through that on the first hill about 200ft up the hill. Reset to 210F (99C) - blew through that 25 ft up the hill from there. Something is incredibly wrong here. I have logged this in EUC world and uploaded the log. Dead in the water as I live around hills (and never had any problem on them prior). What doesn't make sense is as soon as I start up the hill it climbs exponentially. It's not like I was riding up overheat hill for 10 minutes, etc. I am literally 200ft up a hill EUC data 2021-03-02 134636.csv
  2. Meanwhile i thought this was an inside joke lol
  3. Are other V11 owners see a temp spike of 16 degrees in 20 seconds when going up hills? I still find this hard to believe. Flat land i can cruise at 30mph with no spike at 127F as soon as i hit a hill it goes up substantially. Waiting for Inmotion to review logs as well and post results.
  4. I wish i had video of me falling at 32 mph - it happened so fast. I remember being on my back and sliding 20 ft before parking me staring at the sky. Everything hurt.
  5. Thank you so much sir! You and AMC stonk has made my day. What would you suggest setting the alarm to in celcius?
  6. Yes you did answer thank you so much. I do not have a broken wheel!
  7. Doing some reading and might not be a problem after all. I noticed EUC world temp alarm is set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. What should them temp alarm be set to? Perhaps this bad boy can heat up much higher. If so I am relieved and this is user error.
  8. Yes I am constantly at 30mph. Mmmmm
  9. Hello! I uploaded the log and appreciate your help! Was trying to diagnose the problem first...i believe an accident i had may have busted something. Also here are some snaps i took of the tour stats on EUC world.
  10. Good people hope you are well. Warm day, first ride in months. Man I'm in love with the V11 again! This thing is so smooth I am in love. 25 minutes of the ride has been smooth sailing, cruising at 30mph no problem. I turn up my first hill. 10 seconds in my LEMT starts alarming through EUC world. Temp alarm. Reading 150 degrees. I immediately stop and check cooling fan. Running. Let it cool to about 115 and I go back down the hill and it goes off again. 144. So i let her cool again and then I am back down to straight level road. Nervously checking speed vs temp I see that i am now fine a
  11. Thank you Reach! I have this exact problem and will have to dissassemble. Did you have to take wheel apart to get the headlight off?
  12. Nitpicking encouraged. It sustained scratches but no structural integrity damage. Are you used to helmets exploding at impact?
  13. Wow so three potential ways a V11 can vibrate. I will check mine as well. I do know the vibration I was having was eliminated by tightening my shell but I might be able to hear this on mine too. It's like 20 degrees here and ice in PA and makes me upset because even in full insulated gear it's just not comfortable to ride for long periods of time (for me) Edit 1 watched video - is it the clear plastic part moving in the housing? Or the housing itself? Edit 2 I checked mine I do not have this issue.
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