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  1. If this is how it works there should be a page on inmotions site that has YouTube videos showing exactly how to fix common issues and change a tire. Should all be in one place. Does that exist or are all the videos done by you tubers? I know Kingsong puts out videos but unsure on Inmotion. Kingsong posts them to Facebook which is unhelpful. Need to be on their site with links to troubleshooting- maybe this is the case and I'm not aware. Put it out there so new buyers realize the potential cost of buying new technology.
  2. Had the wheel not busted in 2 weeks time they would not be shipping anything anywhere right? This isn't some complex nuclear submarine control board for God's sakes its a bearing and if they did not run their 2k machine through a puddle prior to manufacturing 3000 units that is not the OPs fault. I'm saying I'm all for the current warranty process but there has to be some level of acceptable QC on expensive machines. If you are throwing a new bearing into 3000 units you test the bearing first. We can argue East vs West and Capitalism and Communism but this isn't some cultural mindse
  3. I'm with you here i want a motorcycle with one wheel and I'm still talking maybe 40 mph top speed I don't need a corvette top speed isn't the issue. I just want power and control. I'll keep it go 30 even. When I lean in I want complete confidence a 210lb rider will take off with. Complete confidence that I will not overlean. This machine is the closest I see besides the Monster Pro and it doesn't have suspension.
  4. $2000 is $2000. Well at least to the majority of folks that would consider that a substantial purchase. I think the premise stands. Shipping - I'll give you that good point. I'm willing to pay shipping for a fix. Maybe some do not.
  5. Great post I hope they evolve quickly. Build top end models at 3-4 k and take care of the silly stuff. Build one Lexus model and the rest Camrys
  6. I would love to debate this with you sir but I feel like you really won't change your position regardless. I understand what you are saying. I do. China isn't communist. They are more capitalist than they want to admit. And you are right, I can't change anything. Only we can.
  7. See I believe through capitalism we have a choice sir...and we could influence change. Imagine if every youtuber started posting QC issues. Looking at bearings. Talking through pedal hangars etc. Companies would take notice. Instead we just roll over and accept it. My personal goal isn't to change the market, just inmotion. See they are the closest to the mark so they can make these changes and own more Market share. Gotway will be Gotway. Kingsong really miffed me with the S18. Inmotion can be the company that implements higher levels of QC and becomes the Lexus of EUCs. This is not a p
  8. Shane I agree with you 100%. Here is my question - do you agree that the very reason the bar is set low is because everyone accepts the current state of affairs? Thus the market forces cannot work to generate better quality? In other words, the only way to make money is to sell wheels and you must sell them to willing buyers who...buy them? So until the community demands more through the power of the wallet things will not change...and we accept this. Thats my point of the "cult" atmosphere...it drives bad market behavior. Of course I know an EUC isn't like an IPhone. But to pretend
  9. The idea that you would pay 2k for an item you need to spend 2+ hours to fix yourself within days of purchase...so far beyond my comprehension I can't even grasp some of these responses. Hey my IPhone broke (1200 USD) within days of purchase but its all good - Apple sent me a video and a magnifying glass so I could rip it a part and rebuild it so I could use it. Righhtttttt
  10. I like you guy you're like the angry neighbor chasing a weasel with a shovel. Every neighborhood needs one. You made me chuckle but your issue is understandably frustrating to the nth degree. The truth is these companies don't test them enough and release beta products. The market gets new tech and process repeats. Some people tell me thats just the universe works and thats part of the contract you signed when you joined The Firm. From my viewpoint outside the cult I do think Inmotion is the best company out there from a sophistication, development and safety standard...but each of
  11. I did not disassemble nor do I think enough people are have problems to disassemble but if you'll sleep better sure thing. There are thousands of wheels without this issue and mine is one of them.
  12. I'll ship you the ones I have if you'd like.
  13. I purchased these as well and immediately went to Clark Pads for this very reason. These lock you in - which is great when things are going well - but you can't get out if you need to. A 70lb machine ripping your leg sideways isn't good at all. By the way I have a pair if someone wants them lol
  14. Ebay now has the official seats for about 100 bucks. Does anyone have this yet? How does it ride?
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