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  1. Been a while since I've been back...wow. One of you should open a business refurbishing new S18s. Seriously.
  2. I immediately imagined this to simply be a washer glued to the inside of the saddle where the screw passes through and it distributes impact equally over a larger area.
  3. @Seba sir are you able to code EUC world to read accurate speed? Maybe a toggle in settings that applies the percentage of deviation you calculated?
  4. Both of these actions paired are meaningful and I agree one without the other is worthless Can someone report on the WhatsApp thread? They have been tagged in this thread as well. What else needs to be done to report...a PM?
  5. From what I understand if you are going downhill inmotions software is more sophisticated and you can nudge it past tiltback. I asked about this myself.
  6. Now we are getting somewhere. Thank you sir. Does anyone understand the software on these machines? Does a fix involve manipulating a single line of code? I'm willing to wait on a fix I just would like to hear from the bosses on this. Seems small to you but if I was doing again I'd pick up the Monster. I don't trust the S18 rebuild process users are going through and battery config worries me Suspension is nice and part of the total package but I bought based on speed - they moved from 50 to 55 and that's when I seriously decided time to switch. Deviation is too high here.
  7. Thank you sir I am one of those people Its telling to me now why the same major issues have existed with these machines for five years. We accept them. There are issues with designs. I accept that. There are issues with wiring and parts. I'll accept that. New releases have bugs to work out. I'll accept that. I will not accept false claims on speed because that's not a design issue. It's a coding issue. And it could be fixed today if they wanted to. So everyone who is stating that this doesn't bother them misses the point that if we as a group said we draw the line on this - please fix it - it would get fixed. If half the community says "I don't care" then why change it? People keep stating that this is how Chinese companies work - ok well why don't we show them how American dollars work? I get some of you aren't passionate about it. But doesn't part of you want this fixed? For integrities sake?
  8. Its not deformation man come on here...even if it is correct the software. Hell don't even give me 34mph if thats too tough to code lol just have app read correct speed!
  9. So no brands tests the wheel with a rider on it? All brands overinflate speed? Ok I stand corrected. So when is the software update coming to fix that? Because again for the third time, we all know this can be fixed. And inmotion actually has integrity and will address this...right? The reason we have these issues is because we wink and nod and buy anyway and agree to let it be. And instead of us joining up as a group and using our buying power to get a fix we just...accept this? Instead let's demand an update to correct the speed and all live happily ever after. Right? I'm curious on this too. Has anyone tested other wheels? How many underspeed wheels have we bought?
  10. Hahahahahhahahahahahha not a performance wheel hahahahhaha
  11. I honestly don't see the math to get this far off through tire deformation. Can someone run the same test? Let's get data here from multiple people.
  12. This is exactly my implication - the wheels's motor is certainly capable of advertised speed with the motor wattage and the battery setup. It is an app issue entirely - they just need to make a change to code and we have the 55kmh down to 80% and then 50kmh down to 30% So we wait to see what they say. Should I post in telegraph or has @Seba already? I can't follow it - there are hundreds of posts over any given day lol.
  13. A very fair post sir and a great quote. I do want to point out this was brought up already and partially confirmed (Seba's test is more official due to more data) but not sure they saw that thread either. So I will defer to Inmption on this. My point is valid either way it happened- just firmware update and Seba runs a test and this fades from memory. So the outcome here i believe will speak to the intention if you forward me... If it is not addressed...when then we know what the intention was. And I'm assuming they use calculations of the wheel vs GPS to get the speed...mmk I'll say as a Kingsong fanboy, I trust Innmotion more than any other EUC brand and I mean that - its why I switched my pre-order to the V11 from the S18. But I want my 34 miles an hour...period. at least with distance bs I can justify it by believing they test them by having a leprechaun chasing a rainbow on one of these things to get these advertised ranges. However I'm not as lenient on the laws of nature. 55kph is 55kmh, at least at our current relative speed on earth. Perhaps someone will suggest they tested it on a spaceship going fast enough to dilate speed? Come on someone wants to...
  14. Understood. For you. For me it matters a lot. Quoting what is the biggest feature misses the whole point of my post. And we both know the error could be easily corrected...
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