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Knobby Tire Issue


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My knobby tire is not even in height around the rim.

No side to side wobble, but up and down (measured at the center of the tread).

At first the difference was fairly big (like 1/4”) and unrideable above 20mph.

I can get it perfect, but it won’t stay that way. About the best I can get it is a difference of 1/8” from highest to lowest.

The highest area is right above the Kenda label.

Is this normal? Do others see this in their knobby?

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My tire was also misaligned. The ride was extremely bumpy and didn’t want to go straight.

I tried to aligned it but it felt like there was something not right. I took it to a bicycle shop and they were able to reseat the tire without disassembling the wheel. They told me that there was a bubble around the valve stem area which they were able to get rid of. This was the best they could do to center the tire and refused to spend more time on it. They said that the tire/rim were not made to fit with each other perfectly. 

I took the wheel home and did my best to center the tire. It now rides smooth and just wants to go straight. I’m happy with the results :). Removing the bubble fixed the issue for me.

I love the wheel now!


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