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Who knows what type of charger plug I need for my V10F?


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I recently bought a more powerful 5A charger for my V10F, and unfortunately the connector of the new charger is a lot bigger than that of the original charger. I didnt catch that because in the amazon pictures the connector of the 5A charger looked exactly like the original one, it just turned out to be proportionally bigger, the dimensions werent given.

So, I now want to cut off the too-big plug and attach a fitting one. Does anybody know what kind of connector I need and where I can get one? In germany preferably. Btw it doesnt seem to be the XLR Mini type plug, that one appears to have a different type of orientation notch.

The connector of the original charger has a diameter of 9 mm, the one of the new 5A charger has a diameter of 12,5 mm.



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13 hours ago, buell47 said:

GX12-3 on ebay

Thanks, that seems to be it. I have ordered a couple of them. The plug on the new charger appears to be a GX16. A pity the wheel isnt equipped with one of those, it seems to be a much better fit for the power that is actually sent through those connectors.

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only 2 pins are used - use a DMM to probe the original charger to find pos & neg  - make note of this so that you can wire the replacement to line-up the same way.  GX16 is much easier to work with if you are soldering to the pins - very tight on gx12. I had to adapt my 84v KS charger for  GX12, GX16 and lenovo. GX12 really no fun to work with...

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