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EUC World - How to see all street names?

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On 12/3/2020 at 7:06 AM, Tryptych said:

Seba: when I zoom in tight I still can't see the street names on most streets - is there a workaround that will let me see the name of these little side streets?

Generating data for a heat map is a complex task in terms of computational complexity. It requires performing a number of computations on all points of all tours, which is quite heavy load for the server. The heat map itself is actually a series of points, which create smaller or larger spots. These points are distributed so densely that they merge into lines. However, by enlarging the map (and thus making the view more detailed), we can see single points instead of lines. But I will try to find a solution to this limitation, so I hope it will change in the near future.

On this example you can see what's the problem. Normally, max zoom level for standard tour map is 16. But at this zoom level heatmap doesn't look like heatmap, but like a blue dots spreading the map. And even at zoom 16, street names for smaller streets are not displayed. This is why max zoom level for heatmap view is set at 14. Because of map projection used, this issue is even more visible at higher geographical latitudes.


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