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CST C-1737 (16x2.125") on a KS16S, some impressions


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I kind of liked the C-1737 anti puncture on the 18XL, (not alone) mainly because of its thicker rubber. So when the original CY H-5146 got a puncture from a 3mm (long side) glass shard, I decided to try the CST C-1737 anti puncture on this one. I also found the H-5146 to be a bit slippery, but maybe that's just me cornering too hard when wet.

While the 2.5" version was a bit on the beefy side (didn't get to measure) this 2.125" is a bit thinner (53mm) that the H-5146. This disappoints me because the format isn't very wide to start with and I had hoped for more. The rolling band is also quite pronounced and the EUC tilts a bit too easily from side to side. The transition to the grip side is abrupt, so sharp turning isn't very even, it goes from smooth (roll band) to mushy / lacking of ground feel (grip area). This makes it more difficult to turn on a dime. The grip grips and lacks feeling precision. The rubber seems medium hard, for what its worth.

On the positives the thicker rubber makes a nice firm cushiness and it should take a lot before it punctures. Due to the slim profile and awkward turning I wouldn't recommend it other than for the anti puncture characteristics. Its not so bad I'll bother changing it (it should last forever 😮) but its a bit meh.



H-5146 on the left, which has a bit too much smooth area to my liking.



A bit slim really:


Seems beefier on the 18XL and the more blunt profile gives it some stability. Still not good at sharp turning.



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