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Reduced stopping power


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I have a Kingsong 14s and love it.  It's very responsive, which I like since I use it to take my dogs for walks.  The dogs sometimes stop suddenly, that means so do I.  After owning this for some time I find that the stopping power seems to have abated to some extent.  I used to thrust my feet forward and lie back, dig in my heels and stop in an instant.  Over the course of months the EUC seems to coast more and stopping distance has increased.

Some reasons could be tire pressure or weight but I don't think those have changed.  Could it be battery or the motor magnets weakening?

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2 hours ago, AlaskanAlain said:

Could it be battery or the motor magnets weakening?

Magnets could weaken by high temperatures - but very unlikely for EUCs.

Battery could degrade, cells go bad. This would impact "normal" acceleration and range, too.

Humans are bad in estimating accelerations - one gets used quickly to the performance of such a wheel.

Edit: PS.: Braking capabilities could be very dependend on battery charge and speed...

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Does the wheel feel weaker in general regarding acceleration, too? If yes, that might be a bad capacitor. If no, I can't explain it.

Braking should not even depend on the battery, the only thing that can potentially go wrong is when if the regeneration exceeds the charge capacity of the battery pack. That doesn't happen so fast...

Maybe pump up your tire and see if that does anything.

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I would say acceleration is weaker but as Chriull said, humans are bad at estimating accelerations so I didn't even mention that.  Stopping distance is larger and the general feel of the motor is different, I used to feel the "steps" like with a stepper motor now it's quite smooth, definitely different.  I never thought of a bad capacitor, that may be it.  Thank you.

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You can look at the capacitors. If one end of one of them is bulged out, it's broken. Then you'd need a new board.

In general, be very careful about sudden unexplained behavior changes of any wheel. That should never happen.

Also ask your seller about this, they are supposed to know:)

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