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Onewheel to EUC mod - will they ever offer a foot position option?


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I’ve seen that one as well. Not sure where you ride, but here in Houston there are several hundred Onewheel riders while there are at most a dozen EUC riders. I’d guess 10 to 1 ratio and I can’t figure it out! Is Houston different? Maybe it’s a US anomaly. Why would anyone choose a onewheel over an EUC? My EUC’s are so much more capable than a Onewheel! There is a slight difference in learning curve due to the fat wheel (That is easily solved by any EUC company!), but $1800 for 324 wh, 750 watt motor Is INSANE!? If Gotway, Kingsong, Inmotion etc came out with those specs at that price range they would get laughed out of here! 

Is it the foot stance that makes Onewheel so popular? As someone that both snowboards and skis, I find the stance to be relatively unimportant, but most people don’t do both. 
I think the EUC companies are missing out on a huge opportunity to sell way more wheels if they gave a few “snowboard/fat wheel” options. 

Even if Onewheel’s domination over more common EUC’s (technically they are all EUC’s) is something only seen here in the US, the EUC companies should take note and adjust so they can sell 10 times the number of wheels they currently sell. 

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OneWheels are much more common here as well

Anecdotally - an old friend I reconnected with got into OneWheels from being into snowboarding (I have no clue if he's ever ski'd) and had been into OneWheels for a fair bit and had still never heard of EUCs until I brought them up.  He's tried one of my wheels and definitely prefers the OneWheel stance, but I think once he gets the hang of the EUC and can go faster/carve he'd be more interested.

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My impression is that there are a lot of "once a skater in my teens" that go for OneWheel, I am one of those.
It is easy to get started, the float/surf feeling is great, the big gocart tire is a lot less aggravating for old knee injuries than hard skateboard wheels etc.
So from that perspective OneWheel has a lot going for it.

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As someone who isn't a skater, nor a surfer, nor a snowboarder, I can absolutely attest to the OneWheel being a blast to ride on its own..  I say "on its own", because even as my enjoyment in riding it increases, I have not developed any interested in any of those other sports.  I am very curious to see how my enthusiasm for it adapts once I receive the S18, but I have a hard time imagining that I'll never want to get on it again.

It also must also be acknowledged, I think, that Future Motion has crushed the competition in terms of marketing.  It's analogous to the iPod vs MP3 player debate that went on for several years in the early 2000's.  At that time, MP3 players were technically superior in every way.  More options, more configurable, relatively less expensive and more capable.  I was deeply in the MP3 player camp, owning iAudio and iRiver products, and not really understanding why 90% of the market were signing up for a thumbwheel induced repetitive stress injury!  But the iPod was what people wanted none the less!  It's like... so much cooler, maaaaaaan... lol.

In this case, I think the OneWheel "user experience" actually does bring something worthwhile to the table, but the antiquity of the technology was by far and away the greatest obstacle to my decision to buy one.  Were it not going to be ridden primarily by my 11 year old, I don't think I would have pulled the trigger.  In that context, the limited top speed and range actually became something of an attribute.  But, to each their own.  When I think of them as mobile iPods, it totally makes sense to me - in that people don't make sense to me!  :blink:

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On 7/22/2020 at 4:35 PM, BarrettJ said:

Looks like plywood has all the options covered: 

I'm quite impressed by that but how does he start off? The OW has a sort of foot switch but that wouldn't be available here. Similar question for how would you stop? Would you just try and slow down and jump off?

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